I’ve heard it repeated many places in chiropractic that “I’d rather have 100 ways to get 1 new patient than 1 way to get 100 new patients.”

This suffers from the “either-or” fallacy (also known as the false dilemma or false dichotomy). In logic, a fallacy is a misconception from incorrect reasoning. The Either-Or fallacy “involves a situation in which only two alternatives are considered, when in fact there are other options.”

This type of fallacy is used when trying to get the reader or listener to force a choice.

Here’s a couple of examples from our profession. “You’re either a mixer or a straight.” “You’re either all-cash or all-insurance.”

Now if you’re son is only 5 years old, and you say “eat your vegetables or else!”, that’s fine because he’s not mature enough yet to make wise decisions. But when you’re dealing with adults, using this fallacy is troublesome to say the least.

And here’s how it works when a marketer is trying to sell their stuff.

“Do you want to get 30 new patients a month or not?”

“So do you want 100 ways to get 1 new patient or 1 way to get 100 new patients?”

Well, hmmm….let’s see.

Can I just choose 30 ways to get 5 new patients each, please sir? Or 20 ways to get 10 new patients each?

You see, there are so many possible combinations, it’s silly to narrow it down to simply two extremes.

Plus, 100 ways to get new patients may be a 100 crappy ways to get new patients. Like a recent article I saw in the chiropractic journal on marketing. It list numerous ways to get new patients like hand out business cards, smile with your patients, be friendly to others, and so on.

While these are nice business tips on how to be courteous, they aren’t really in-depth marketing strategies. By the way, everyone should be smiling more and being friendly!

The question you need to ask yourself about buying chiropractic marketing products is simple…

Will this product or service produce a good ROI?

If you think it will, buy it. But make sure you measure the ROI. Don’t get sucked into just looking at new patients.

100 new patients who pay $20 each is not as good as 10 new patients who pay $2,000 each.

By the way, here is one of the highest returns in chiropractic right now.

So don’t fall for the Either-Or fallacy. Measure your return on investment, and keep using marketing that brings in a return.