You’ve heard the term; “it’s a crap shoot”?   Meaning; it’s how the dice roll.  There is really no skill involved; no planning, no strategy.  Where the dice land in pure chance, will they land on the numbers you’ve placed your money on?  Who’s to say, it’s all left up to the odds.  When you think about running a chiropractic ad in the newspaper, you might start to believe the same is true, will reader see the ad, will they pick up the phone to call your office, it’s out of your hands and there is no skill involved.  You might be correct if you didn’t understand that there are rules in the game of advertising.    First rule is that you have to use chiropractic ads that are fresh, crisp and look nice.  Just like a brand new deck of cards.

Using chiropractic ads is like playing a game of poker; looking at it this way, you might be able to understand how to gain the upper hand and walk away from the table with more money and more patients.  But first let me clarify that I don’t consider advertising to be a gamble, to be honest, I think that if you’re not using some type of advertising to bring in new patients that you are gambling with the life of your practice.

Buying In- In poker you buy into a game.  Same is true with chiropractic ads; you will need to buy some professionally written ads.  You could write your own, but are you a chiropractor or a copywriter?  If I’m your patient I’m going to hope you are a chiropractor 100%, not a great copywriter.  Leave the ad writing to those who are trained to write great chiropractic ads.

Dealers Choice – Now that you’re holding all the cards with your professionally written chiropractic ads, you choose what ads you will run, the ads that you think will bring in the best ROI for your practice.  Not only do you make that choice, you also have choices as to what newspaper you will run your chiropractic ads in, what size of ad you want to run, and how much you will budget for this ad campaign.

Playing the Odds – It won’t take long to know how well a chiropractic ad will work.  Keeping good stats will help you know when to hold them, measuring the stats to see if this ad will remain in your hand, or you might discard back into the deck and look at running another chiropractic ad.  Then of course you need to know when to fold them.  This is where running test ads become your best strategy, watching to see where your chiropractic ads perform best.   If you’re not pulling good numbers from one newspaper, walk away and use the one that brings in the highest response.

Bluffing – Not recommended in this game!  People are already skeptical of advertisements.  Using chiropractic ads that are “no-hype” is the best way to go.  You can’t expect to engage the reader if your ads are hard to read with wording that the reader can’t relate too.  Your chiropractic ads should read as if you’re sitting down and talking with that person who’s reading the ad; one to one, eye to eye, with honesty and empathy.

Ante Up- You can’t play if you don’t ante up.  Expect to spend some money when you running a chiropractic ad in the newspaper.   But only spend what you have budgeted.  Don’t waste your money by running an ad that won’t be seen.  Better to sit out a hand, do some negotiating and spend your money wisely.

All In – Should you consider spending every cent you have to run a chiropractic ad?  Not unless you know for sure you have a winning hand.  But then that would be a risk.  Play it safe and be a smart player, build your bank with affordable and consistent advertising, that way when it’s time to cash in, you walk away with more than you started with.