In the past I’ve discussed the issues faced when using chiropractic ads when cynicism and disbelief greet us at every turn. Do I think that we are wasting our time running chiropractic ads when all we’ll be doing is preaching to the converted? Not necessarily. The key to running successful ads is knowing how to deal with differences in the way that people process information. You may as well try and part the Red Sea as to run a newspaper ad that will resonate with every man, woman and child.

Nonetheless, there are a ways to create copy that will appeal to all demographic types. We can assume that your chiropractic ads will be read by a cynical audience so we need to come up with ways to convince them that chiropractic is an excellent way to deal with their health issues. Below are three ways to begin changing the mindset of chiropractic cynicism


The first thing to note when using chiropractic ads is that the cognitive, or logical, side of the brain is not what you’re targeting. We want to appeal to the emotional side which is responsible for purchases, with logic always used to justify the purchase. Your targeted audience has to identify with the ad and what the ad is offering. If you successfully achieve this, you make it much easier to get a new patient to make an appointment.


When redefining something, you help the reader to view things in a different way. Chiropractic ads that use  conditions to create empathy have proven to be successful. Likewise, sharing testimonials of how chiropractic care was beneficial along with highlighting services that produce positive outcomes, will help people change their minds about chiropractic. Combining social, statistical and medical proof will dramatically improve your chances of gaining new clients.


The biggest challenge in chiropractic ads is overcoming resistance. This is an extremely difficult thing to do and few docs in our profession ever figure this out. When confronted by the cynic, you have to find ways to break down barriers of doubt and prove to them that chiropractic is the real deal when it comes to improving people’s health and quality of life. One way to overcome this resistance is to show conclusive evidence that chiropractic care actually works. Remember the trio of social, statistical and medical proof?  That will go a long way towards achieving this.

You could also mention the fact that many drug companies and surgeries would lose billions of dollars if the effectiveness of chiropractic is fully know by all, but don’t let that be your main objective, you don’t want to risk a reputation of spreading conspiracy theories, that would blemish your credibility.

I’ve used chiropractic ads that confront the issues of identification, redefinition and resistance and saw an immediate increase in patients. Not every new patient will convert to care. Some people will never change their mind, no matter how much evidence they are presented with. Such is the life of a chiropractor! Be proud that you provide a service that genuinely helps people and ignore those who would spew negativity about the chiropractic profession.  Besides those who do embrace chiropractic care far outnumber those that don’t.