You made through school. Set up your practice. You might even have a few patients.  But now what? After the excitement getting four walls and a roof set up to function as a chiropractic business, the celebration, the victory dance, maybe you even had a ribbon cutting ceremony, now it get’s real.  The dust settles a tiny ray of reality begins to appear and after you’ve seen all the appointments you have on the schedule, in the span of a few hours, you now have this huge chasm of time to fill.

Well, maybe you do have some patients films to look over and prepare the report of findings.  But that only takes what… a few hours at most?

Hey, you could check out some forums and see what your other chiropractic colleagues have to say about patient issues, like no shows and the woes of insurance red tape.  Or maybe you could go ahead and set up that Facebook page for your practice and then invite all your friends and family to like the page, even coax them into sharing it with their friends. You know your mom will because after all she’s you biggest fan, probably your best patient too.  I mean she did refer you to her friends and a few of them are now your patients.  But then after you’ve spent a good afternoon on that, now what?  It’s just another page among millions just like it.  You’ll post some thought provoking questions, I hope.  And then possibly share some great health information about the benefits of chiropractic care.  I mean there are pages and pages of online articles about conditions that regular chiropractic visits can help.  We can’t say cure, that would be a big no-no, but we can tip toe around that word and gently get the point across, because we all now how good people are about reading between the lines.

This might be one of the toughest areas of being a chiropractor, knowing….no…nope, that’s wrong.  Not knowing, it’s more like a passionate belief that chiropractic care can alleviate symptoms.  And by chiropractic care you know I mean more that adjusting. You and I both know there is so much more to it than correcting a subluxation.  But that is the first step. Then we work on other issues such as nutrition and healthier life style choices.  I mean good grief, I met a guy that considered coming in to get adjusted was his exercise.  Wow!  Can you believe that?  You probably think he was joking, no he was for real.  But now he knows and with baby steps, he’s now walking in his neighborhood for thirty minutes at least three times a week.

Yes, I know we can’t say cure, but we can say; “chiropractic care creates an environment within the body that allows the body to do what it was created to do.”   It’s not magic, chiropractic adjustments don’t fix everything wrong with a persons health, but just like that guy I met, it’s the first step to a healthier life, for some it’s the first step for a functional life.

Yeah so, now you’ve got that Facebook thing done and you’re a back to that nagging question; now what?

Maybe you’ll look into some affordable forms of marketing.

Is there such a thing? Affordable chiropractic marketing?

And didn’t you just hear about how you can do some kind of advertising on Facebook?  Yep, now you remember there was an email you got a few months age about a webinar.  Something about Facebook Marketing for Chiropractic.  That might get some more new patients in the door without breaking the bank.

You should check that out after lunch right?   After that you might think about working on that marketing plan and start filling up these appointment slots. If nothing else, look into joining a networking group in your area.

This post was of poking fun, but in all seriousness, chiropractic advertising goes beyond the boundaries of print ads, direct mail and online marketing.  Bottom line, if you’re practice is struggling, whether it’s new or even if it’s been up and running for years, trying out some new forms of marketing might just be your solution to a fresh flow of new patients.   Truth be told, social media and mobile devices are here to stay, so you can either keep avoiding or you can embrace this new way of marketing.