Finding good patients is not too hard, but the perfect patient is sometimes elusive.  Before you can find the perfect chiropractic patient, you first have to know what qualities he or she should possess then you can go about designing a chiropractic advertising campaign in a way to attract patients with those qualities and in return increase your practice revenue with higher patient visit average (PVA).

Perfect patients regard their health and their family’s health as high priority. They will go to extreme measures to find relief and healing. They will drive as far as needed, find the time to be at their scheduled appointments and they are committed to following the recommended care plan..  They aren’t necessarily wealthy and not always insured, but they understand and trust the recommended care plan based on their exam and your report of findings, they understand their care is important and make it a priority in their life.  They listen and communicate their concerns to the doctor and the staff.  They follow recommended home care and exercises.  Additionally, the perfect chiropractic patient shares their experience with their family and friends, and encourage them to check out their chiropractor.

Also, I think what is considered an ideal patient for one practice might not be perfect for another. While all chiropractors are passionate about helping their patients achieve and maintain good health, not all chiropractors practice the same.  Adjusting techniques and philosophies vary.  It may take a person several tries to find a chiropractor that fits their needs also and in doing so, maybe that eventually makes them a perfect patient for the chiropractor they choose for their care.

When I had my practice, I offered spinal decompression and some physical therapy, therefore I did my share of marketing for patients who would be the best candidates for a care plan that included scheduled time on the decompression table.  For me those were people who suffered with numbness and tingling in arms, hands, legs and feet, neck pain, low back pain, sciatica and herniated discs.   That was my targeted audience and it worked well.

It is also important to note that the prospective patients that came from that type of marketing were not always from a specific area or radius close to my practice.  I had some patients driving over an hour three times a week for their care.

So as I said, in order to find the perfect patients, you need to attract them.  This of course means some form of chiropractic marketing. It could be anything from chiropractic ads in the newspaper to online marketing.  Facebook ads, Google ads, TV or radio spots.  But regardless of where your chiropractic advertising dollars are spent, the best way to attract the perfect patient is to use the perfect marketing tools and that in my opinion is with condition specific chiropractic ads.

What kind of patient do you attract with your current form of chiropractic marketing?  I agree that all patients deserve your time and care, but what type of patients are you getting with your current marketing?

Maybe you prefer to work with more Neuropathy patients and you spent a lot of time and money on building your practice around those types of patients. But are you targeting those patients with chiropractic advertising that focuses on the symptoms and effects of Neuropathy?

Many of my colleagues are working with and seeing spectacular results using laser therapy.  I can tell you that they are most likely targeting their marketing efforts towards those who suffer with knee and shoulder pain.   Other practices are built around children or sports injuries, that doesn’t mean that doc doesn’t see other patients, but he or she might prefer to work in a specific niche and that’s okay.

Bottom line…the perfect patient is the person who wants to be your patient.