If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own. -Henry Ford

Understanding the symptoms and conditions people are dealing with is how you capture their attention, gain a following and ultimately build a successful practice.

That is how I turned my practice around years ago.  In fact it was that turn around that showed me that there is a real need for chiropractic advertising that went beyond the what I had tried in the past.  I learned the hard way that chiropractic advertising and marketing went way beyond lead generation, health fairs and spinal screenings.  All those forms of marketing required things I was short on already, time and money.

Once I learned the secret to bringing more patients into my practice, I didn’t stop my advertising efforts, that would have been crazy.  Instead I continued adding more conditions to my advertising portfolio until I had enough to generate a continuous flow of new patients.

Why Advertise for Conditions?

Advertising for conditions is smart chiropractic marketing.  It saves time and money by targeting a specific type of patient. It cuts through the white noise of marketing and gets right to the heart of the matter, helping people find relief from their pain and helping chiropractors fill their appointment books.  Do you know how many people are looking for alternative health solutions?  Nearly every person who goes to bed and wakes up.  That’s a lot of people! Simply put, everyone has an issue with pain in varying degrees.  Using the method of advertising for a condition just gives you a leg up on the chiropractor who only uses his or her personal testimony or general advertising for their practice.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re a new doc in town, you should definitely introduce yourself to your community, let everyone know you have opened up a practice and where you are located, but this might be better achieved through a direct mail marketing campaign.

Trends or Conditions

There will always be health trends that will come and go.  This year it’s all about counting our steps, next year who knows what the rage will be, but the same health issues continue year after year, they don’t seem to change.  You would think this to be the opposite with all of the healthier lifestyle options and incentives from health insurance carriers to motivate their clients into better health choices.  But even if everyone decided to make better choices in their eating habits and made a commitment to walk more steps, the human body was not designed to sit in a chair 6-8 hours a day, but the majority of us do.   Nor was it designed to participate in contact sports as early as 5 years of age in some cases, endure endless physical and mental stress, breathe polluted air and eat processed foods.

So trends are what they are intended to be, trendy but short lived.  Sciatica, neck pain, knee pain and migraines are ageless and target every age. So I gotta go with chiropractic ads that focus on conditions.

 Best Time and Place to Advertise

I advocate for never taking a break from your chiropractic advertising.  For some that is twice a month, for others it could be once a month, that is a personal choice based on budget and goals.  Sure there are times in the year when advertising isn’t feasible.  No I don’t think you should run a great chiropractic ad during the week of Christmas or any other major holiday or epic sales events.  Although those are peak times when people read the paper and look at ads.  I can see how you might think your marketing would be overshadowed by an over abundance other advertisements.  And you have to think practical, the holidays do present issues with limited hours of operation, but again that is based on personal choice, however if you do have special hours during the holidays, then you would not want to bring in new patients during that time of year.  Using an ad service to help you with these types of questions is worth the cost.  In some instances the cost is minimal when you consider the time and money saved.

With so many choices in how people get their news and current events, you would assume there are that many choices in where you place your chiropractic ads.  One thing to note is like trends, news changes minute to minute, so to stay up to date on the latest news people are linked, synced and notified in an instant.  That’s how they want their news.  But when they want to enjoy a good article or crossword puzzle they still reach for the daily newspaper and that is where you place your ads.

But if you’re convinced the newsprint is not what it used to be, then I do think there is reason to look at the online marketing options available.  I will caution to do your homework and look at getting some help with getting your online advertising up and running.  If done correctly you will yield some great results.  I have dabbled with Facebook marketing and have done well, but I used a marketing service to help and highly recommend it.