Two questions that are emailed on a regular basis are; “Why do your Chiropractic ads work better than other ads?” “How are your ads different?”

I can answer that with one word…EMPATHY

The reason condition specific chiropractic ads work so well is because people can relate better to something they have experienced or are currently living with, better than they can relate to a chiropractic ad that shares information about the doctor or the practice.

Dale Carnegie said it best when he said;
“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.”

Nothing makes a person more emotional than when they are living with pain or caring for a someone who is living with pain. Such an odd thing to say; who really “lives” with pain? In my book that’s not living, it’s more like coping to just get through another day. Typically, coping relates to pain management, a glossy term for pain pills or injections.

Actually, emotional is probably the wrong word, it more like distraught, desperate, they have lost hope and have given up on ever feeling “normal” again.

Countless numbers of people live with life altering pain caused by accidents, injuries, illness, unhealthy lifestyle, weight issues, and even stress.

We all have empathy for those who live with chronic pain, but rarely do we understand what they are going through or do we even consider the person living with and caring for a person who suffers with pain on a daily basis. You have to know their burden is heavy. I know that it grieves me to see anyone, especially those I love, living with any kind of pain.

Emotions Drive People to Act

When I see a person suffering I want to help. That is a human emotion called compassion. Compassion simply put is walking in another person’s shoes, imagining what it must be like to live as they do and wanting to help. This emotion is what drives a person to action.

That really is how I write my chiropractic ads as if looking through the eyes of a person who is living with pain, not because I pretend to know what they are feeling, but because I’ve had patients who have told me how they feel or how they were treated when exploring traditional medical options. Take a patient who lives with fibromyalgia or migraines, these conditions are often viewed as stress related or worse psychological.

Can you imagine the hopeless feelings many women go through when they seek help for the symptoms of fibromyalgia only to be told it could be all in their head?

I’ve found that when you can project your compassion into words on paper, this builds a relationship with the reader and because they are human and have emotions, they feel hopeful and they trust you. They begin to believe you can help relieve their pain.

Whether an athlete or a weekend warrior, when knees hurt because of too much fun on the playing field, my patients were happy to know they had an option to receive laser treatments that helped reduce pain and promote healing, rather than hassle with shots or surgery.

The same is true for patients experiencing back pain from herniated discs. For those, spinal decompression was the road to healing. How great it is for people to learn they can find understanding and non invasive treatment for the disc pain they are dealing with.

Even people who suffer from the numbness and pain of neuropathy find hope in knowing their doctor is one that understands their condition and can create a specific care plan for them.

Wrapping up, chiropractic advertising is most effective when you put the emphasis on the condition and symptoms the prospective patient is living with.

There will be plenty of time for them to get to know you and your background once they become your life long patient.