Before I transitioned into this position of creating chiropractic marketing products for the chiropractic profession, I owned a successful practice just like many of do.  Even though I’ve shared my story several times on this blog site, there are always some details that get left out.

Before you bounce out of here thinking you’ve heard this before, I challenge you to stick with me as I share some great tips for adding extra income to your bottom line each month.  And get this, there is no marketing involved, no ads to submit, just good old fashion supply and demand.

I’m not talking about huge sums of cash, but even if it’s a few hundred to a couple of thousand, wouldn’t you like to know how this could be done?

When I owned my practice I always tried to help my patients outside the office as much as I did inside my office.  Depending on their condition and symptoms when they began their care, I would often provide suggestions for things they could do in their home.   These suggestions would range from lite exercises to help strengthen weak areas, to habits that needed to change like,  reading in bed, sitting incorrectly at their work station, sleeping positions and using the proper pillow. There were also times when I would recommend supplements and analgesic ointments.

My staff would routinely apply an ice pack to those patients who where using the traction table or receiving stim treatment.

After a few patients asked where they could buy the ice packs we used in the office, it occurred to me that if I kept some in stock then patients would probably buy them from my office.   Same thing with the pillows, if I suggested to my patient they needed to change the pillow they slept on, the next question out of their mouth was usually; “what kind of pillow should I use and where can I find one?”

So we began carrying a line of cervical pillows and most of my patients with neck problems were over joyed that they didn’t have to go out and find this special pillow, it was available for purchase right there at the front desk.

There was never any need for a sales pitch, I simply instructed my staff to place samples of the products on the front desk and around the front office area.  The patients who wanted to purchase were able to do so when they were setting up their next appointment or making their payment.

Since those two items were selling so well, I decided to keep my favorite pain relief cream in stock as well, there were weeks when we couldn’t keep it in stock.  What was great about the ointments was our vendors always made sure we had plenty of sample packets for my patients to try, the rest was easy.  A great product will sell itself, all I did was provide a place for it to be seen.

I later added a foam roller to my product inventory, it sold like crazy.  Suffice it to say, if I used a product it in the office and it was something the patient could use at home, then I kept tried to keep it in stock.

Next  I tried supplements, just a small sampling at first.  This was pretty easy to do as I just stocked the supplements that I took daily, like fish oils.

For those who have the Ultimate Chiropractic Ads and use the health reports included in the kit, this is great for you, for as you know in these reports, supplements are recommended.  So if you use these reports with your patient care, it would benefit you and the patient if they could have access to these supplements without having to run all over town to find them.  Plus, when you provide the supplements, you are typically going to use a brand that you know and trust, therefore you are assured that your patient is getting a good supplement.  Some patients, in their effort to find what you suggested, may or may not purchase a pure and effective brand.

One last detail..don’t forget to track your product ROI.  My staff was instructed to keep daily stats on all of the products, this was done along with the daily practice stats.  Just as I suggest keeping up with your chiropractic marketing  return on investment, I suggest you keep up with your product return on investment.

Also, if you have a website you can promote the products you carry in your office.

Did selling products make me wealthy?  No, but it did take my practice to another level, my patients loved the convenience and the extra money was nice to have.

*Some of the links in this post contain affiliate links, therefore I am compensated if purchases are made using the link. I have not receive products for free in exchange for my opinion.  My opinions are based on my personal use or knowledge of these products and services.