If you had been told that being a chiropractor would involve marketing, keeping stats and in some cases spending your weekends doing spinal screenings, would you have continued down the path?

Maybe in the back of your head you suspected there might be more to it than seeing patients and using chiropractic to improve the quality of their life. The business side of chiropractic wasn’t the passion that gave you that push to complete chiropractic college. It was more than that.

Every chiropractor has his or her own story to tell about why they chose this wonderful profession. I myself had one, but if you’ve been reading this blog long enough you know that it’s the after story that changed my family’s life and turned my business around. My story involved debt, loss of a car and home, and about as close to loosing my practice via bankruptcy as I ever care to get again.

Looking back the whole experience taught me a lot. In the midst of all the chaos, there was an idea. Putting this idea on paper was the easy part, but implementing it was scary.

The idea was to reach people with a form of advertising that I wasn’t real familiar with. After all, I didn’t go to school for marketing or advertising. In fact, running a chiropractic office and marketing a practice was just barely discussed in one of the classes.

I knew something had to be done, I just wasn’t ready to give up on my dream or my practice. I had worked too hard and so had my wife. Plus there were patients out there that needed a chiropractor to help them and I wanted to be that chiropractor.

The form of marketing I’m talking about is called direct response advertising. In my case I used the direct response method within a condition specific chiropractic ad. I placed my ad in the newspaper with a call to action and prayed.
Maybe my story should be titled; “If you write it, they will come”, because they did, new patients began to come in.

I guess you could say the rest was history. The ad brought in new patients and so I ran another ad, soon my practice had turned around and we were working our way out of debt.

During this time I learned to record the ROI on each ad I ran, that way I would know where the new patients were coming from and which ad worked the best.

So you see, out of adversity came an idea, that idea gave me hope and confidence.

Marketing your practice is tough, especially today when there is so much information thrown at people all day long. Common sense might tell you that people just don’t have to time look at a newspaper let alone sit and read it, but don’t fall for that lie.

People will always have health issues ranging from low back pain to chronic illnesses. Remember, that is why you wanted to be a chiropractor…to give those people a choice in their health care.