Myth #1- Print Advertising Doesn’t Work 

Really?  Tell that to the doctor who is pulling in so many patients off of one ad that he didn’t want to run another ad until he could catch his breath.

I don’t think many stop to consider the slight hardship that comes with a mass flood of new patients in one month.

But in all seriousness I can see how this would put a bit of a strain on the staff and the doctor.  In one other instance a doc got 240+ new patients in 2.5 months just from using one of my chiropractic ads. I’d say this myth is busted.

Myth #2-Can’t Afford to Market

In reality, you can’t afford not to market your practice.

But not all budgets are created equal, I get that, however if you don’t at least attempt some type of chiropractic marketing you won’t be in business long.  Although the social marketing is not high on my list, it is still one form of chiropractic marketing that shouldn’t be overlooked.

I mean after all, it is free and most everyone these days has a Facebook, Twitter or Google + profile.  Putting up a business page on these social sites is easy, it can even be set to update on auto pilot.  At the very least you should have a page just to get linked up with other local businesses in your area and engage with your active patients, family and friends.

Myth #3-State Board Won’t Allow Advertising

That’s a shame, but are you getting the whole story?  What most state boards require is that specific advertising guidelines are adhered to.  These guidelines vary from state to state and other countries have their own set of rules.  After speaking with his state board one doctor I spoke with realized that all they wanted was to review the ad before it went to print.  This is far from not allowing.  Bottom line; be informed and know what your state board guidelines are specifically.

Myth #4-Don’t Have Time

I suspect if you don’t have time then that means you are seeing so many patients, you don’t have time to go to the bathroom or eat lunch either.   Not to worry, we got your back!  The Ultimate Ad Service does what you don’t have time to do.  Negotiate ad rates, edit and proof your chiropractic ad and then get it placed in the paper for you.

Myth #5-Marketing Isn’t Good for the Profession… It’s unethical to advertise.

Hogwash! I suppose you don’t want your phone number in the phone book either.  Are you serious?  You offer an important service.  You owe it to the community to tell them you are open for business and how you can help them.  It would be unethical to go to chiropractic school, open your practice then not help people by giving them chiropractic care.

Myth #6-I Don’t Need to Market My Business

That’s okay.  I’ll bet your completion is happy you feel that way.  You see, they know better and they’re more than happy to not share the advertising spotlight with you.   But what are you really saying?  You have enough patients already?  It’s beneath you to advertise your services? Or is it that you’re the only chiropractor within 100 miles?

Even if you don’t have direct competition as in another chiropractor, you do if there is an MD in your town.  A medical doctor would be happy to take on all those patients with low back pain, migraines and ear infections.  Get real!  Of course you need to invest in some form of marketing even if it’s setting up some type of referral arrangement with an MD.  Call and ask if you can drop off some business cards and a script pad with your information on it.  You might be pleasantly surprised.

Myth #7-Marketing and Advertising only brings in low quality patients

I won’t lie to you; there will be days when you see new patients and you might consider them low quality, not as a person but as a person committed to their health and the willingness to stick with care the care you’ve have recommended.  But low quality new patients do not always from marketing.

There  are some forms of marketing that do result in new patients who just want to come in and see what it’s all about.  But you have to consider that you might also get the attention of a person that might not have ever considered chiropractic care as an option until they saw your chiropractic ad.

I’ve seen many new patients who I thought would never be back and they end up scheduling their appointments and completing their care, then coming back for maintenance care.   This is why having payment options available and offering care credit is important to consider.