It’s always exciting to see what’s trending in the media as one year comes to a close and a new year begins.  Areas like fashion, home décor and political issues are always shifting and changing.  Social networking sites such as Twitter and Google + have their fingers on the pulse of what the world is talking about up to the minute of every day.

With 2013 quickly approaching, the forecast of what’s trending in all industries will be a hot topic in the New Year.

In marketing, trends are often referred to as niches. The Chiropractic Marketing trend has seen huge growth over the last 5 years, but it really began to pick up when sub-niches were introduced.  One example is Neuropathy.  Looking back over the last twelve months, Neuropathy ads are the highest ranking in terms of ROI among all other chiropractic advertising campaigns.

It is likely there will be several chiropractic marketing trendsetters in 2013 but it already looks as if the top three will be as follows:

NeuropathyAs mentioned this condition has increased exponentially in the past year.  A couple of reasons for this increase are aging population, higher rates of diseases which contribute to nerve damage, better testing to diagnose this condition.

Weight LossMany chiropractors have already incorporated weight loss into their practice simply because it makes sense.  It’s evident that we live in an overweight society and obesity is a huge healthcare issue.  One that is not going to go away as long as there is over processed fast food on every corner.

People need to be educated on what their extra weight will do to their body over time and they need encouragement and accountability.  What better place than with a doctor who is already giving them chiropractic care?

Laser- ColdLaser therapy is already used inphysical therapy and sports medicine to accelerate the healing process for those who experience pain in muscles, nerves and joints by stimulating the body’s natural healing processes.  Being a nonsurgical option, laser therapy is a perfect addition to chiropractic care. With lasers becoming more affordable, we will see more chiropractors utilizing this technology in their patient’s care.

Even though these three sub-niches look to be chiropractic marketing’s top trends in 2013, spinal decompression will continue to pull great results in new patient growth.