calendar21. Keep What Works, Cancel the Rest
One of the most important aspects of marketing is measuring your successes and failures, so you can choose what to keep putting money into. But unfortunately many of us chiros just throw money at all kinds of marketing and don’t measure response.

And even if we do try to measure a response, its a subjective measurement like “I felt like that went well, let’s try it again.”

Feelings and emotions are not unimportant, but shouldn’t be used to make critical marketing decisions. Also make sure you are being wise with your measurements. Don’t say, “man, only 3 new patients from that ad and I spent a whopping $300!”

If you make $2000 per patient, and all three stayed, you just had an excellent return!

What you need to do is measure the ROI of your marketing in 2012.

So figure out how much you spent on a certain ad or website or booth or whatever, track the patients who came in and total up what they paid you. Divide the amount they paid you by what you spent, and you’ll have your ROI. Anything better than 2-to-1 is good (or 200%) and should be done again in 2013. 5-to-1 and up is excellent and you should put even more money into those this coming year.

2. Consider Adding a New Niche
Did you add any new niche markets or specialized equipment to your practice in 2012. If not, maybe you should consider doing that in 2013. Massage therapy is a good idea. It brings in potential chiro patients and is fairly inexpensive to implement. The downside is finding a good therapist who knows the average pay for MT’s and will stay more than a few months.

Weight loss is a growing niche with great growth potential. I’ve even started writing weightloss ads. You can find my first one here. Neuropathy is big now and growing. Decompression is a tried and true market. Don’t think it’s outdated just because table makers aren’t blasting you with ads. The market is very stable and profitable and should continue to be. The same goes for cold laser.

3. Get Your Internet Marketing Systematized
The days of just having a website are over. You’ve got to have a presence in many places on the internet in 2013.

Internet marketing is very easy to get rolling, but not so easy to figure out and make profitable. The problem is that there are too many choices to make and most doctors aren’t going to know enough about the internet to be able to decide. And you know what they say people do when they have too many choices? They don’t make a choice at all.

Plus things are always changing. What worked in 2011 for internet marketing is not necessarily what’s best today, or in the future. I recommend you watch very closely what you spend online and track the results as best you can. Make sure you ask everyone who comes in where they heard about you from. Right now Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs and websites are still doing well. And you must have your website ranked high in Google for the most important key terms.

I’ll be giving some thoughts in 2013 as to how I can help simplify this ever-changing media. But until then, make sure whoever you pay to do these things are explaining everything to you and not wasting your money.