The Thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner.

Yet, every month, every day is worthy of our thankfulness.  Yet, in our busyness we fail to remember just how blessed we are.

November always brings out the thankfulness in people.  If click on Facebook you may notice that every other person is participating in a “30 days of thankfulness event”.

It’s a great reminder of the abundance of things in our life we can show gratitude for.  Everything from a good night’s sleep, to your spouse, to the sun rising yet again!

Have your marketing plan, stack of bills or next report of findings led you to forgot how blessed you are to be in the field of chiropractic?

As the weather changes and you start to hear how every sickness is “going around” are you reminded of how powerful chiropractic care is at stopping that illness from entering your family?

This past week my wife and children came down with a fever and cold.  Nothing major but irritating (for them) none-the-less. We rejoiced that a mere cold is the worst that we have suffered from in many years.

When people ask how our kids remain so healthy the first thing we say is God has blessed them with a lifetime of chiropractic care.  Does this mean that chiropractic adjustments will prevent all sickness?  Of course not, but it plays a huge part in the maintenance of a healthy immune system.

Are you teaching your patients about the importance of early and regular chiropractic care?

We all know you can’t force someone to have their family under care, but setting a great example in your own family is the best influence.

Throughout the month of November showing daily gratitude for health, chiropractic and nutrition is a powerful internal education tool for you and patients.

It’s not just us doctors who get distracted by the little things, patients are up to their eyeballs in pain, stress and sick children.

I’m making it a priority this month to daily sit with my family and recall the blessings we have received. I recommend you do the same.

Here’s a version of the song we sang at church yesterday which I think describes well the idea of Thanksgiving: