If you could choose which type of patient cases to see, what would they be?

Many chiropractors think that they can not be specific in choosing new patients for their practice. They are just supposed to accept whoever shows up.

This is a poor marketing strategy, especially when it comes to spending money to bring in new patients.

If you are going to pay for your marketing, why not focus on the type of patient you want to see. Maybe it’s the cases you can help the most with, or the ones you have special equipment to help. Or it could be the types of cases which have the best compliance. Maybe it is the amount of total cases fees that will be billed through the special care you give.

I recently wanted a few doctors, who’ve been using my Ultimate Chiropractic Ads over the years, to tell me which types of cases they wanted to see more of. I did this by simply asking what type of conditions-specific ads they would like for me to write in the near future.

Here’s what they said…

As you can see, there are a handful of specific conditions that these doctors want to market to. And I can confirm that all of these categories are doing extremely well right now in our profession. Neuropathy is probably the hottest niche in chiropractic because it is so non-competitive with other professionals. I doubt this will last long though, so I recommend you take advantage of it while it lasts. (For help on treating neuropathy, see here.)

Decompression, while not as hot as neuropathy, still remains a strong anchor in many practices. I predict this will continue, as the baby boomer generation comes in more for herniated discs and sciatic problems.

Fibromyalgia, back pain, sciatica and headaches are no surprise. They will remain to be huge problems that people suffer with. The question is, “Are you fully connecting with these people and showing them how you can help their problems?” These four groups are great chiropractic patients, need our help and are willing to pay well for it.

My team and I are currently noticing more success with knee pain and cold laser ads this past year. If you have a laser, you should definitely be focusing on this market. Too many docs buy a laser and just let it sit there, using it occasionally on people who have joint problems. Why not use your equipment to help you market the type of patients you can help and the treatments you give?

The weight loss and functional medicine categories are the new(er) kids on the block. I think these will continue to grow as more chiros incorporate them into their offices and learn to market wisely for these patients. I even included one weight loss ad so far in my Ultimate Ads Club (I plan to write more for this program in the future). And I am currently doing research on the functional medicine market to write an ad in the future.

The days of marketing to the general public are over. I’m not saying you should turn away people who walk in your door. But when it comes to spending money on marketing, why not spend it where it will get the biggest return.

Click on this image below to learn more about the new ads I’ve written for bringing in more of the above high quality patients in your office.