In my last post on spinal decompression, I gave you my two favorite recommendations for spinal decompression tables. I was responding to part of an email I had gotten, which can be summarized as:

What is the most cost effective way (cost effective table) that you recommend to implement this into the practice? Also, could you tell me about your decompression marketing? Thanks

Today I want to continue this discussion of the decompression niche by looking at the second part of the question, namely how should you market your table.

As I said before, the issue of which table to buy and how you’re going to market it are not separable. They should go together, or you’ll just end up with an expensive piece of equipment collecting dust in your office.

One of the biggest problems I see with doctors who have a decompression table in their office a complete lack of marketing. There should be someone on it getting treated every 15-20 minutes from the time you open until you close the doors at night.

Now let’s look at how to do that.

1. Print Ads

I know, I know, everyone predicted that print ads went the way of the dinosaur 5 years ago. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., etc. are the only that that matters now.

But back in the real world, newspaper ads are kickin’ butt at bringing in new patients for decomp doctors. One of my Decompression Marketing Elite clients this past fall got so many new patients over a 2-3 month period he had to buy a second table, and paid for it with cash!

How can this be if print advertising is dead?

Do we have to know the exact reason? It’s working now, that’s what counts. Maybe its that less people are running ads, so your ads will stand out easier. Maybe its because the mostly likely candidate for treatment on your table is between the ages of 40-65 and those are the people reading the newspaper.

Another quality marketing strategy of decompression marketing that’s often missed is ‘sub-niching’ the market. You see, the spinal decompression market is a niche within chiropractic.

But there are different kinds of problems people present within your practice. Some have back pain, others sciatica, others have numbness or muscle atrophy, some neck pain, other headaches. All of these are sub-niches in that they break up the overall niche.

Why is this important?

Because once you realize each of these patient groups are speaking a different language, it allows for you to focus your marketing on each group. To get an idea of how I’ve done that and see some example ads click here to watch a webinar where I explained it in greater detail.

2. Internet marketing

Once you’ve got print ads running, get your internet marketing streamline and working at full speed. DO NOT make the mistake of thinking that internet marketing is all you need, as if it will replace all other kinds of marketing. This is a huge mistake I see. Chiropractors fall for all the hype on the internet, put all their eggs in one basket with online marketing, and wake up a few months later wondering where the new patients are.

Marketing your practice online is not the be all end all, magic pill of marketing. While Dr. A spends 5 hours a week on Facebook trying to get a new patient, Dr. B down the street runs an ad and get 17 new ones at a case fee of $2500.

So now that we’ve dealt with the hype, let’s look at what’s working online.

The best thing you can do is take a few well written ads and make them landing pages on your website. Also, well-scripted videos of you explaining the benefits of decompression treatments are a big hit. Plus you can never have enough patient testimonials, including testimonial videos.

You should have the regulars too, like a regularly updated blog, contact info and maps, and Facebook, Twitter, Google + Pinterest and other links. This is all done very easily using WordPress and all the plugins. For example, at the top of this post you’ll see all 4 buttons you should click to like this article.

Just remember, print ads are the big rushes of new patients each month and internet marketing is the slow, steady stream. You want both. Marketing is not an “either/or” fallacy but instead a “both/and” truth.

3. Referrals

This one should be obvious. If you just got a table, it’s likely you’ve got a constant flow of chiropractic patients who could easily be converted to decompression patients as well. You should also send out regular emails and newsletters to your patient base reminding them of this helpful equipment you have acquired. Visit BNI groups, chambers of commerce, and other places where you can speak on the effectiveness of this service.

Most of you can get a lot more referrals than you realize. Other patients can refer decompression patients in like crazy, but you might have to remind them to do so.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to market your decomp services, check out my Decompression Marketing Elite program. I just added a new component which makes it the best deal we’ve ever put together.

A Personal Ad Placement Expert Working For You to Handle Everything

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Here’s what you’ll get each month with this component…

  • Contact the local newspaper to speak to the ad rep.
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As you can see, it’s like having a person marketing assistant working closely with you.

Carol Ann Smith, the marketing expert providing this service, normally gets $150 per month for placing an ad, but you’ll get it completely FREE as a client.

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