As I was doing my daily searching on today, I noticed a strange graphic:

The Google image is blacked out. By clicking on the image you’ll end up on their Take Action page which deals with the new SOPA/PIPA legislation before Congress.

Then later today I was reading over at Ryan Healy’s blog and noticed quite a few websites are protesting. Here’s what you’ll see at Wikipedia:

What is SOPA/PIPA and what does it have to do with your website?

Do you market your practice on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube?

Watch this short video to understand why you should fight against this legislation.

What can you do to stop this censorship, which if passed, will eventually effect your business?

Sign Google’s petition here. And contact your representative. If you’re not sure who your rep is, go to Wikipedia today and they have a neat popup that will look up your representative by zipcode.