In a previous article, I showed you a video of how I sub-niche the chiropractic market.

A niche market is simply a subset of a larger market. It’s harder to say the word niche correctly than it is to understand it. (In the south, we say “nitch” but more sophisticated English speakers will use the French-sounding “nish”!)

The overall market in chiropractic is everyone who could be a patient in your practice. But within that group, you can divide them even further into specific niches — fibromyalgia patients, headaches patients, decompression patients, etc.

Today I want to give you an example of how I’ve done this.

But even within these different chiropractic niches, you can drill down further. For example in patients with neuropathy, you have one group that focuses on numbness and tingling while they’ve not yet heard the term “neuropathy.” Another group will respond to the term neuropathy in an ad since they have been “officially” diagnosed with that condition.

In the case of my Decompression Marketing Elite program I’ve actually ‘sub-niched’ the decompression market to different groups of patients that respond differently to their own language.

Within decompression niche there are many “sub-niches”. These are categories with different symptoms like patients with disc herniations, patients with sciatica, patients with general back pain, and more.

Why is all this important?

Because you can use it in all your marketing and get huge ROI’s!

For example, a patient with numbness and tingling down their legs may have no clue about disc herniations. So marketing to them with an ad focused on disc herniations will be pointless.

But run an ad with specific language showing how spinal decompression is the solution they’ve been looking for and they’ll gladly pay you $4,000 to get rid of the problem.

Your simply doing what any specialist in medicine or dentistry does.

This type of “sub-niching” allows for you to really connect with your potential patients, on a level never-before-seen in decompression marketing.

Here’s an excerpt from a long list of phrases I use to sub-niche the decompression market:

ruptured disc
herniated disc
slipped disc
degenerative disc
degenerative disk
herniated disk
spinal surgery
bulging disc
degenerative disc disease
disc protrusion
spine surgery
bulging discs
disc herniation
herniated disc surgery
bulging disk
bulge disc
disc treatment
herniation disc
disease disc

As you can see, there are many groups of patients out there to tailor your marketing too. And this list doesn’t even touch all the keywords dealing with sciatica!

With all this marketing potential, how can anyone say that “marketing doesn’t work?” This is a major problem I see in our profession. Doctors try some general marketing or advertising, only focusing on the chiropractic aspect and not addressing any of the patients concerns. Then when no one comes in, they definitively state that marketing doesn’t work.

The problem is most potential patients are not sitting around thinking about which chiropractor they might go see. Or which decompression table looks the nicest. Or which doctor is dressed the best on his yellow page ad.

Most of them are suffering from various health problems and are wondering who exactly can help them. Will it be you?

If you aren’t speaking their language, entering the conversation already going in their head, you’re marketing will get thrown aside faster than a Kardashian wedding!

By focusing very specifically on what the patient is suffering from, you show everyone that you are qualified to help with their condition. And your conversions will sky rocket as a result.

If you’d like to work with me directly on your decompression, I do take a limited number of area exclusive clients.  Currently many zip codes are already taken, but some areas in the U.S. are still available. We also keep a waiting list if your area is already taken.