There is no shortage of news. We have 24/7 access to all kinds of information. From the moment we wake up until the time we go to bed, our lives are flooded with messages, opinions, ads and videos.  Some of it we choose to ignore and some of it we consciously seek out to find answers to our questions and quench our endless curiosity. Some information is absorbed without us even being consciously aware of it. When it comes to marketing a chiropractic business we need to be aware of the fact that everyone follows certain ‘rules’ when deciding what information to read and digest.  Anyone interested in effective chiropractic marketing needs to be aware of this and be able to take it into account when framing effective chiropractic ads.

[Before you stop reading this because YOU no longer read a newspaper, believe it or not, there are pockets within the USA that still only read newspapers and chiropractors that still use the newspaper to advertise.]

Take newspaper ads as an example….of course we live in a digital age, but anyone who ignores the continuing power of the print media is missing out on a very important source of new business.

We are taught to read when we are children. Equally, we’re taught (or rather conditioned) to read newspapers and magazines in a certain way over time. After all, nobody has the time or the inclination to read a newspaper cover to cover! Without us even being aware of it, we expect a newspaper article to follow a certain pattern – and that’s equally the case for promotional material as it is for news.

Let’s just say you’ve paid for half a page in your local newspaper. You might be tempted to use that space to shout from the rooftops about just how great your chiropractic business is and what you’re going to be able to do for patients.

There are two main problems with this approach. The first is that it’s going to turn a lot of people off. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a very important place in chiropractic marketing when it comes to testimonials and giving the impression that you’ll be able to provide a great service. The issue though, is that a boastful approach is going to remind a lot of your readers of the doctors they’ve already seen! I’m thinking of those patients with chronic conditions who’ve perhaps tried all sorts of treatments in the past and who’ve been told in extremely confident terms that various techniques (often very invasive) are likely to be successful.

The other main problem is that such an approach is totally at odds with what we have come to expect from a newspaper article – even a promotional one. First off, there needs to be a clear heading, always with a picture – to give a clear indication of what the article’s all about. There also needs to be an initial brief passage giving the essence of what you’re trying to say. The key is to keep your reader interested; to let them know that it’s in their best interests to keep reading. You’ve got to empathize with your readers and to make it clear that you understand what their condition means for them on a day to day basis. Only then will you be able to hold their concentration long enough to convince them that they should come to you for an answer to their problems.

You have the tools – whether you realize it or not, to know whether to keep reading a newspaper article. Your chiropractic ad readers do to. It’s vital to speak with empathy and authority – otherwise readers are simply going to turn the page.