As a chiropractor it will be necessary for you to regularly advertise your private practice to other professionals within your community.  This is commonly referred to as “Referral Networking”. You should not limit the types of professionals you advertise your services to. The formation of relationships that ultimately lead to a well defined network of professionals that are willing to refer you patients on a regular basis will make it easier for you to build a successful practice with a high patient volume in the shortest period of time possible.

I would suggest that chiropractors market their services to dentist, neurologist, an MD, massage therapist, orthopedist, accountant, banker, stock broker, real estate agent, insurance agent, lawyer and possibly some other local professionals. A group such as this will help practitioners to create a well diversified marketing/referral network.

The lunch setting is a wonderful atmosphere to form a relationship with other people. This is a necessary step that must be taken in order for you, a chiropractor, to be able to share important business related information with other professionals. I recommend you bring some business cards to the lunch date along with pertinent office related literature. Be prepared to explain to a lunch guest the value of their services and why it is important for the two professionals to regularly refer prospects to one another. In order for this type of a relationship to work it will be important to establish the understanding that there will be mutual benefit achieved for both parties involved. A business referral relationship can only work over a sustained period of time if both professionals are willing to refer customers/patients on a regular basis. Also, you should pick up the check for the lunch bill.

Introduce Yourself with a Letter

A letter of introduction opens a door of opportunity for both the sender and the recipient. Create a template and use this to send your letter of introduction to the various professionals you wish to network with.

When you send your letter you should make sure that you mark on a calendar the date the document was mailed. Wait a few days and then follow up your efforts with a phone call to the professional’s place of business. It is important to speak politely and always maintain a very professional demeanor when discussing a possible lunch date. Make sure you are able to clearly describe how your professional services can benefit that professional’s patients, clients or customers.

Power Networking Through Lunch 

When attending your lunch meeting dress professionally for the occasion. You want to look the part of a professional and you want to convey to others that you are knowledgeable, experienced and proficient at what you do. Perception is everything and how you dress will help others to perceive you in a certain way.

It is extremely important to become a good listener when you are interacting with other professionals. People in almost every situation you can imagine love to talk about themselves and you must try to resist the strong urge to constantly talk about yourself. If you do your homework and are well prepared to present your business services you will no doubt make a great impression each time you schedule a business lunch. This will allow you to regularly establish a number of long term relationships with many professionals in your community.

Once you have established a healthy referral network comprised of local professionals you will be well on your way to building a very successful chiropractic practice that constantly receives an influx of new patients that are being referred from the local professionals within your community.

Referral Networking Groups

Another successful way to establish long lasting professional relationships with other business professionals is to join a referral networking group.  There are several national organizations that have chapters in different cities.  These local groups will typically meet for luncheons once each month.  Information on these types of groups can be found online.