The human mind is a powerful thing so never underestimate it. Being a chiropractor, you should be more aware of this than anyone. It has often been assumed that the medical field uses ‘placebos’ in lieu of actual medication. Certainly, medical experiments which gave patients false medication, told them it was real and found that these patients felt better show that the human mind is capable of anything. Successful chiropractic marketing uses psychology to increase a new patients and there are few better ways to do this than by the use of testimonials.

Social Proof

You are probably not aware of a psychological occurrence known as ‘social proof’. This essentially suggests that people rely on others when they are in a social situation where they don’t know how to act. They look to other people whom they believe are more adept for clues as to how to behave. As a consequence, they eventually behave in a manner that they believe the other person would have in the same situation. It’s a classic ‘What would he or she do?’ situation.

As you probably ARE aware, testimonials showcase a chiropractic practice’s ability by offering proof of their skills with evidence from people who have used a business’s services. Check out any profitable website and you’ll see several testimonials. Many sites have a dedicated page. As you can imagine, there are few better chiropractic marketing tools than evidence from a patient who is happy with their chiropractic care.

Finding Testimonials

So how do you go about getting these testimonials? Forget about making them up! You will be caught and it will damage your reputation severely. All you need to do is call or email your patients and ask them if they were/are happy with their care. When you encounter patients who have seen an improvement since they first came in, ask for permission to add their comments to your site. You can even ask them face-to-face during your next session. It is also important to get a signed release which proves that you have the patient’s permission.

When brainstorming about your next chiropractic marketing strategy, remember that people are more likely to use your services if they have seen testimonials from other satisfied patients.