Movie trailers have become a staple in the movie going experience.  While most people use television commercials as opportunities to grab a snack, check an email or go to the bathroom, it seems a large number of movie goers including myself, would not dare miss the previews of new movies that will be released or “coming soon” to a theater near you.

I would think that most people don’t even consider a movie trailer as a form of advertising, but it is and furthermore it is marketing at its finest.  High tech graphics, make-up, lighting and sound, all part of the movie industry, provide everything needed to stir an emotion, incite action and entice the person watching to mentally take note of the movie’s opening date.

When a chiropractor adds a spinal decompression table to his or her practice, the service it will provide for patients, will need to be advertised and marketed to the public or else the table becomes a nice conversation piece for the office.

The value of spinal decompression is difficult to communicate with everyone, one might think that the audience share for decompression marketing is small, when in reality marketing made for this type service, an alternative to surgery and pain medication, is suitable for all audiences.  While spinal decompression might not be a treatment needed by all ages, it is certainly a mindset and lifestyle all ages should be exposed too.

Wouldn’t life be great if decompression could be marketed to the general audience just like they do in the movie theater?  Suitable for all ages, coming to a Chiropractic office near you! With all the bells and whistles of Hollywood film making.  An all star cast, great sound and just the right script to make the audience want to pull out their cell phones and make that appointment for a spinal decompression exam or at the very least make a note to check it out.   Because you know of course that the movie trailers are just the highlights of the movie, that’s what incites a reaction.  Those little teasers that make you yearn for more and create that desire to add that movie to your list of things to do.

It might interest some people to know that many actors, sports celebrities and politicians receive decompression therapy as well as those who you may not suspect, like your neighbor, your co-worker or maybe even your medical doctor.  If the latter is true, then shame on them for not sharing this with you.  But then maybe you should have noticed that your neighbor seems to not be bothered by that nagging sciatica pain anymore and your co-worker never got that back surgery that he talked about.

And maybe that’s exactly where decompression marketing should begin; no not in the movie theater, but in a normal discussion between two people, just as if they were discussing the movie they saw last weekend.  “And oh by the way; did I tell you that I won’t be having that back surgery after all?  I started seeing a chiropractor and I’ve been going in for decompression therapy.”   Yep, just like that, that’s how it should be done.