If you’ve attended any marketing seminars recently, you’d be forgiven for thinking that good old-fashioned newspaper advertising has ceased to exist. The buzzwords these days (social media, SEO, analytics, link building and all the rest of it) are almost all web based. No-one’s denying that this is all very important stuff. The trouble is, it’s sometimes difficult to forget the basics.

It’s not being shouted from the rooftops, but the truth is, print advertising still has a very important role to play. It’s all very well having a marketing strategy – so long as you remember a couple of very important points. First off, the strategy has to be relevant and appropriate for a chiropractic business. Most importantly, the strategy has to be right for YOUR chiropractic business.

Here are a few good reasons why you could be making a big mistake if you write off print advertising when you calculate your marketing budget.

Forget the ‘doom and gloom’ headlines about the state of the print industry.

You’ve probably heard the stories. Whenever annual circulation figures for the likes of the NYT or Chicago Tribune are announced, it’s deemed to be newsworthy. There’s no denying that there’s a downward trend – especially when it comes to the national press. All of this negativity can very easily cause you to shy away from the whole idea of print advertising. Don’t rush to conclusions though! Sure, the newspaper industry is faced with challenges – but that’s their problem, not yours. Instead, take a look at your local newspaper. Do you read it? More importantly, do your potential patients read it? Get hold of the circulation figures and find out.

Newspapers are here to stay.

No-one’s suggesting we’re going to be reading print media in a hundred years time. For now though, newspapers are here to stay.

Newspapers are still THE source for local information

Newspapers are generally the most accurate and most trusted source of information when it comes to local events and services. Take the weekend section of your local paper for example. It’s almost certainly going to have a section dedicated to upcoming events and community news. The great thing about advertising in your local paper is that your chiropractic business will now be on the radar of your potential client base. You’re sending out a message that you’re local, you’re part of the community – and most importantly, that you can be trusted.

Newspapers offer you flexibility

Have you just spent thousands of dollars on a new website? You’re likely to discover that the advertising office of your local newspaper makes a totally refreshing change. You call the shots. What’s more, you set the budget. You’ll probably find that you can afford to experiment when it comes to ad sizes, page settings and the length of your campaign.

The beauty of print advertising is that you have a very good idea how many people are going to see your ad before you decide to put it in the paper (thanks to independently assessed circulation figures). That’s one thing you can’t say about a new website!