5 Reasons To Seek Chiropractic Care

No sooner had the healing potential of chiropractic become apparent than it exploded in popularity. Millions of people around the world now seek out chiro therapy every year. Maybe it’s time you too made an appointment with your local DC or doctor of chiropractic. Let’s see what exactly a chiropractor can do for you.

Pain Relief

When you’re suffering from pain, the first instinct is often to grab a bunch of painkillers from the nearest drug store. If you want effective relief, however, chiropractic is your best bet — especially if you’re suffering from the following types of pain:

– Back Pain:

It’s estimated that up to 80% of all individuals will experience back pain at some point in their lives. The causes can be just as numerous and diverse; physical trauma, overuse injuries, degeneration, postural imbalances, and so on. The good thing is that chiropractic can help resolve just about all forms of back pain. Between spinal manipulations and therapeutic massage, chiro provides a wide range of treatments for eliminating discomfort. But more crucially, doctors of chiropractic are trained to pinpoint the root cause of the pain and prescribe a personalized treatment approach.

– Neck Pain:

It might be the runners-up for the most commonly-experienced form of discomfort, but neck pain is certainly no less torturous. And once again, the discomfort can result from all manner of factors; pinched nerves, disc herniation, and even intense stress. Besides alleviating pain, chiropractic also provides treatments for restoring balance and remedying structural anomalies for improved range of motion.

– Headaches/Migraines:

A study published in 2011 established that spinal manipulation techniques employed by chiropractors are effective in remedying both headaches and migraines. Chiro provides immediate relief while addressing trigger points to eliminate discomfort once and for all.

– Joint Pain and Arthritis:

Ongoing joint pain can be severely limiting, and not all problems can be treated completely. Even so, chiropractic care can make a huge difference in your quality of life. A chiro will apply soft-tissue manipulation to relieve tenderness and keep flare-ups down to a minimum. They might also stretch your joints to increase your range of motion, consequently giving you back some of that freedom you so badly crave. Further, the Arthritis Foundation recommends chiropractic as a viable treatment for people who have non-inflammatory arthritis.

Do Away With Stress and Sleep Better

Incessant bouts of stress can wreak havoc on your well-being. That’s why you want to see a chiropractor as soon as stress starts to creep up on you. Chiro wards off stress by eliminating kinks on the nervous system, and thereby paving the way for smooth communication between mind and body. And guess what comes as a result of stress relief? Your sleep improves dramatically.

Now, sleep quality is something that most of us take for granted. But anyone who’s endured an erratic sleep cycle for nights on end will know how destabilizing it can be. Chiropractors can address that too. Chiro improves blood flow by remedying misalignments that might get in the way, thus helping your body get in a state of rest quicker.

Enhances Performance

Beyond relieving discomfort and pain, chiropractic aims to help your body function in the most efficient way possible. Multiple studies have shown that regular chiro care improves flexibility, endurance, motion, and cognitive function—no wonder the majority of elite sports teams and pro athletes have DCs on their speed dials. Even if sports is nothing more than a casual pastime for you, chiro will prove immensely beneficial — especially when it comes to injury avoidance.

Pre-Natal Support

With pregnancy comes the radiant glow of life thriving within your body, along with a whole load of discomforts. When your treatment options are limited, issues like low back pain, joint stiffness, and nausea can become an inevitable part of life. That needn’t be the case, though. A few sessions with a chiropractor can make all the difference.

Chiro not only alleviates the daily discomforts, but it promotes a healthier pregnancy overall, leading to a smoother delivery. Research shows that chiropractic, when included in pre-natal care, can all but eliminate the need for cesarean intervention during birth.

A Holistic Wellness Approach

As we mentioned before, chiropractic is a natural care approach that aims to rehabilitate and revitalize the entire body. A DC will usually devise a care plan that improves all aspects of your well-being, from structural balance and joint health to sleep and nutrition. And at no point during treatment will you be prescribed drugs or surgery.

At a time when cases of drug dependency are on the rise — not to mention side effects — chiropractic can provide a safer, more sustainable alternative for a wide range of ailments. Chiro has demonstrated the potential to improve one’s outlook even for conditions that require conventional treatment. Regular sessions with your DC beforehand might even keep you out of the hospital altogether. Book your appointment today with a local Beaverton chiropractor and start the journey towards a fitter, healthier you.