Why Do Some Chiropractors FEAR Chiropractic Advertising?

fear of chiropractic marketingFear is a funny emotion. Although it can be helpful at times, for instance a healthy fear can keep you from doing stupid things, like jumping off a cliff or walking across a six lane highway.

For the most part fear is a destructive emotion and can hold you back, keep you sitting on the fence and afraid to make decisions.  Worst of all it will stunt the growth of your practice.

Webster’s definition of fear is; “an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger.”  In view of this, I offer an opinion that chiropractors are not really fearful of advertising per se, rather they have fear of other things, such as fear of failure, fear of looking bad, fear of spending money on something that offers no guarantee.

Fear will sit right in the middle of your road to success, just like a huge boulder or pothole, and like any obstacle, you have to get to the root of it to find out how to move it out of your way or find your way around it.

If you are experiencing anxiety or fear about advertising, do you know what your fear is based on?

You’re probably already familiar with the acronym for fear; F(alse) E(vidence) A(ppearing) R(eal).  I’ve always found this an interesting way of thinking about fear.  This play on words could be true if you think advertising is too expensive or assume that advertising will defile the chiropractic profession.

It’s true, advertising does cost money and if your practice is just starting out or struggling, this could be a good reason for fear, but there are several ways to advertise on a small budget and see great results.  As for giving chiropractic a bad rap, this is simply not true.  In fact chiropractic advertising opens more doors for those who have never experienced the benefits of chiropractic care.  You see, advertising helps build the profession by growing your practice.

Maybe your fear is based on this mindset, F(ailure) E(xpected) A(nd) R(eceived)?  Isn’t it true that if you expect to fail you most likely will? And what if you do fail?  There are no guarantees in life, sometimes advertising brings a large response, other times it doesn’t.  This is why it is so important to measure your ROI, and then you will know which ad campaign yielded the highest results, you’ll be sure to use that ad again in the future.

This next example is probably the one most used; F(inding) E(xcuses) A(nd) R(easons).  I’ve heard some good ones.  “Don’t have time to advertise? “ “Nobody reads the newspapers anymore?” Here’s my favorite; “I don’t need to advertise?”  I don’t think they really believe that line, it’s just another excuse.  The truth is, even if you really believe you don’t need to advertise, at some point you will “need” to as your current patients will eventually go to maintenance care or some fall off the active list as they move away or forget to come in.  You will always need a way to bring in a continuous flow of new patients.

Chiropractors fear advertising for various reasons, but I believe it’s because they simply just don’t understand or know the real benefits of advertising.

However, there are a few things that chiropractors should fear; empty schedules and silent phones.

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