Weight Loss and Chiropractic Marketing

Do you have a weight loss program in your office?

It’s no secret the “weight loss” market is a huge industry. Wikipedia reports that “between $33 billion and $55 billion is spent annually on weight loss products and services.” And this is not just a U.S. trend, but one seen in Western Europe ($1.4 billion in sales for 2009), Canada, and Australia. Weight loss has even gone prime time with the popular TV show “The Biggest Loser” where individuals and families compete for the greatest % body fat loss.

IBISworld, a market research company, made an interesting statement in their 2009 report on the weight loss industry. They said:

IBISWorld estimates that about 70 percent of American's dieting attempts
are of a self-help nature.  Although often short-lived, these diet fads are a
positive trend for this sector as Americans ultimately turn to professionals
to help them meet their weight loss goals.

Notice what they are saying. Most people try a weight loss program or diet on their own at home, but because these are “short-lived” the person seeks professional help. As professionals we must be asking ourselves if we should be in the weight loss industry as well.

Another fact to consider is that obesity (defined as BMI over 30) has become an epidemic in America. Obesity is the #1 cause of Type 2 diabetes and 55% of those who are obese will end up with diabetes according to the CDC. Heart disease and cancer are closely linked to obesity as well.

Done right, it can certainly help patients live a healthier life. In addition, your office can be seen as a holistic health clinic, not to mention bringing in a potential revenue increase. Also, it would not take much in to convince an overweight person they need a weight loss program because the media and their MDs have already done quite a bit of the work.

Taking everything into consideration, adding a weight loss program to your practice by year’s end could be a smart move.

I’ve kept this post short because I want it to be more of a discussion. Let’s here what you think.

If you’re already using a weight loss program in your office, comment below and tell us what you think are the pros and cons? If you’re not using a weight loss program in your office, what concerns are keeping you from doing it?

**UPDATE: We’ve had many comments that are simply advertisements for a weight loss product or service. These will be edited or deleted. No phone numbers, links, etc. will be allowed in the comments. This a discussion for chiropractors, not an opportunity to advertise products.**

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  1. I feel it’s important for chiropractors to have weight loss programs among many other things. I get some chiropractors tell me it’s not our place that we need to stick to chiropractic adjusting, but my point is this. We learned in chiropractic college there are 5 tenets to health: nutrition, sleep, mental well being, exercise and a properly functioning nervous system…. so why forget the other 4 in what we do and teach.
    I utilize Isagenix cleansing and weight burning system as it not only incorporates better nutrition, but also cleanses the toxins from the body. We get amazing results and patients that have failed most diets, and even have had harmful gastric bypass and lap band procedures are impressed that not only do they lose weight with our program, but maintain their weight and are healthier.

  2. Tabor at

    I think it would be cool to have weight loss in my practice, but I just don’t know how to start something like that up.
    Thanks for all the info.
    Dr. Tabor

  3. I totally agree. I have seen tremendous results with patients in our office and outside the office with Isagenix. I have actually started to assist other Chiropractors(for free) integrate it into their office to provide a natural way to combat chemical stress. Our exposure to toxicity is could be a huge inhibitor to getting well and holding our adjustment so I find it a very complimentary service to offer patients. The system properly addresses nutritional depletion and toxicity in an easy to follow manner, with a side benefit of weight loss. Recently I had a mother/duaghter pair loss a combined weight of 135 pounds over 8 months.

  4. Tyson at


    I agree that it is vital that we as chiropractors offer a weight loss program to our patients. They will truely never be healthy and happy being overweight. The weight loss program we offer allows are patients to lose 3-7 pounds per week safely without exhausting exercise or starvation diets. It has added a great deal of cash and value in our practice.

  5. Dr. Graves at

    I have helped patients lose well over 100 pounds too and have much better patient satisfaction with weight loss than just plain chiropractic; not to mention I have no more worries about insurance anymore!

  6. I think it’s safe to say no Chiropractor is specifically a C4 or L5 specialist. We focus on the entire body and address the system as a whole. Patient weight is a big factor in ones ability to accept and hold adjustments and incorporating a weight loss program is absolutely right up the Chiropractic alley.

    If our goal is to provide superior health care through natural Chiropractic. We must address the weight problems of our patients and help them get it under control. At a minimum, offering the service will build a better Brand presence.

    Love the facts you offer doc. You’re truly on top of what’s going on and that Rocks.

  7. Jim Cox at

    Weight loss management is an easy way to foster patients’ active roles in maintaining their own good health, with visible results almost immediately. This lends, not only, credibility to your philosophy (whatever it may be), but enhances your office reputation for success within the community! Personally, I find the new, cocoa based, high-antioxidant protein meal replacement from Xocai to be extremely successful. On of my patients was selected by the company to participate in a pre-launch study of the product’s effectiveness, and so far has lost 18 pounds, 3 inches in her waist, and reduced her overall body fat by 3%! Weight loss should always be a tool that is readily available, no matter what system you use!

  8. I have just implemented a new weight loss program into my office under the direction of Todd Singleton DC from Utah. I am also using data from the book
    “Change Your Mind, Change Your Body”. This all fits within the wellness program for the future. I have had 2 office lectures and the interest in weight management far exceeds that for chiropractic care. I am very excited about the future and I am looking for good marketing material.

  9. Awesome info! We slowly getting our systems implemented and things are really starting to sizzle! We have been templating some different models on the weight loss systems for our office and will keep you informed on how they go. Thanks! Keep it coming!

  10. Joseph Doughty, D.C. at

    Weight gain is a symptom of what people eat; primarily processed foods, genetically modified, hormone and anti-biotic injected, etc. Teaching people healthy eating habits is crucial. Of course it is even more crucial for the doctor to walk and talk the path. Unfortunately, no quick fixes exist regardless of what MLM marketing companies would have you believe.

  11. Alicia Tompkins at

    I think the chiropractic community is the epitome of wellness and to provide weight loss is essential to their clients long term health.

  12. Dr. Tom Holbrook at

    Hello doctors. Can I get feedback on Dr. Singletons chiropractic weight loss program from those using it. I am interested in adding a weight loss program to our clinic in northern minnesota. thanks

  13. I use Metagenics FLT program for weight loss and hire a life coach to run the program for me.

  14. Wendy at

    As a chiropractor, I firmly believe in educating patients about wellness. We already know that many chronic conditions are related to obesity. I meet so many people with a “laundry list” of meds that they have to take as a result of their obesity. I’ve recently implemented an optimal health program in my office. An excellent “side effect” of the program is losing 2-5 pounds per week safely. For many, it’s also possible to reduce the amount of medications that they take, too. How cool is that? The entire program is based on teaching your patients how to create optimal health in their own lives.

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