This is Why Condition Specific Chiropractic Advertising Will Always Generate More New Patients

Each week I get hundreds of emails asking questions about marketing and advertising for chiropractors.  For the most part, the questions are pretty much the same from one email to another. However, one question in particular gets asked more than others; “How are these ads different from others?”  These ads they are referring to are the Ultimate Chiropractic Ads.

Typically I will go on to list the various differences, but there is one specific difference that really needs to be noted, the fact that they are based on conditions.

You might be wondering; why market to conditions?

A very wise man once said that if you want someone to listen to you and do what you tell them, you first have to think about their wants or in this case, their needs.  That wise man was Mr. Dale Carnegie.  Now who would argue with that kind of wisdom?

There are other reasons, for instance; educating the reader.  Believe it or not there are some people who do not know the benefits of chiropractic care.  They may think they know what a chiropractor does, but many are misinformed, brainwashed or aren’t aware of the “big picture.”  I mean think about it; if you ask a person what a dentist does, the answer would be; they work on your teeth.  If you ask a person what a chiropractor does, the answer is; they work on your back.

Now you and I know chiropractic care offers much more than that.   So if your chiropractic ad is just about chiropractic or you, then your target audience just got smaller.   But if your ad focuses on a condition like, numbness and tingling or headaches, then you’ve got the attention of almost everyone who gets up in the morning.

Can you imagine a person who has not slept well in over a week, due to a headache that just won’t go away, they sit down with their morning coffee and open the paper to see your chiropractic ad about headaches and an offer to come in for an exam.  You think they might be anxious to schedule that appointment?

I like how Seth Godin puts this topic in perspective in his blog post; Choose Your Customers First, he writes;  “…first figure out who you’d like to do business with, then go make something just for them. The more specific the better…”

I couldn’t have said it better.

That is exactly what I did several years ago and it brought my practice back to life and I’m honored to say that my condition specific chiropractic ads have been doing the same thing for thousands of chiropractic practices all over the world for the past 5 years.

But this is not about me; it’s about how you can bring in more new patients with the right kind of advertising.

Condition specific ads speak directly to the person who has that problem, that’s how you get the good results.   People just want a solution to their health problems, they really don’t want to know about the new chiropractor in town or what type of practice you have, but they would like to know if that doctor could help them with their chronic conditions.

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