Avoiding 5 Common Pitfalls in Chiropractic Advertising

Aside from creating ads and other marketing tools for the chiropractic profession, one of the perks of what I do is sharing advice and wisdom about how to use those tools here on this site. The do’s and don’ts, the ins and outs, the how to’s, when, where.

It’s great to have a collection of chiropractic ads, but we all know that there is much more to marketing than placing an ad in the newspaper once or twice a month.

That is one of the reasons both of the Ultimate Chiropractic Ads editions come with one whole binder filled with instructions and helpful tips.

I know that there are some who might read this blog, who might still have some reservations about using chiropractic ads, they just aren’t sure if ads work.  My assistant fills me in on feedback received from chiropractors. Not just docs here in the United States, but from all around the globe. Which when you think about it, it’s really amazing how much our profession has grown.

Personally, I’m excited to know that more and more people are seeking chiropractic care, but I’m not naive, I know there are so many more who have not ever seen a chiropractor, and many more who know nothing about the benefits of chiropractic care, even more who have been mislead by false claims and urban myths surrounding chiropractic.

Those people are the reason why you have need to advertise, that and advertising builds your practice.

I don’t mean you have to market your practice to the masses, only those who are your potential patients.

Yes, you have to put some thought into it. You’ll have to do some research and know the audience you need to target. The best part is as a chiropractor, you don’t have just one target, you have many groups of people to which you can direct your advertising.

Going over emails we receive, I see trends. At times there is feedback from several docs that have a common theme. Today’s issue is more than one thing, more like a collection of stumbling blocks or pitfalls. But as you will notice from the list below, some of these pitfalls are simple mistakes or omissions that can be avoided.

  • Pricing/Negotiating rates
  • Ad Size
  • Tracking ROI
  • Alerting your staff about the campaigns
  • Following up

All of the points in the list above are pretty self explanatory, except for negotiating rates for ad space.  That one is not as much of a mistake as it is a learned technique.  It is a task that gets easier the more you do it and the longer you work with your newspaper rep. The trick is working until you getting the best rate for your budget.  If your rep won’t budge, ask to speak with their supervisor.

Ad size is simply knowing when not to waste your advertising dollars.   If you can’t afford a decent sized ad, one that can be noticed, then don’t run the ad.  An ad in the paper that is only the size of a post card, isn’t going to yield the same results as a full color insert or a half page ad.  Yes they cost more, but they also give you a better return on your investment.

And since we are on the subject of your ROI, forgetting or worse, neglecting to track your ROI is a very avoidable pitfall. Knowing where your advertising dollars are bringing in the best results, is like knowing what investment company gives you the highest rates on your money.  Track all of your advertising to the best of your ability, even any direct mail and email marketing.

Find the time to sit your staff down and share what you are doing, if not this can kill a great ad campaign. Explain how you want these calls handled.  If you want your staff to go by a script then provide a script to go by.  If you want all calls from your ads to be handled by a specific staff member, then let all of your staff know who to funnel the calls to.  The last thing you want is one of your chiropractic ads to motivate prospective patients to call for an appointment or get more information, and the person answering the phone doesn’t know what the call is about or how to convert an info call into an appointment.

Following up is only an issue if you don’t have a system in place to capture those patients who came in for their initial exam and ROF, but didn’t continue with any care.  If they called in, made an appointment, came in for the exam and came back for their ROF, don’t you think they might be motivated to continue care?  So why aren’t they? If it’s just a matter of money,  have some payment options available or risk losing that prospect and any residual patients from referrals.


Do You Suffer From This Marketing Malady?

If you are lacking in motivation to do any type of marketing at all, then maybe you are suffering from Wait and See-itis.

Wait and See-itis is a chronic marketing condition that affects a large number of chiropractic professionals, however this malady is not limited to just chiropractors.

If you have never heard of it, then let me explain.  It’s when a business professional, let’s just say a chiropractor, needs to invest time and money into some type of marketing, to move his or her business foward, bring in new patients, increase revenue,  but can’t seem to get motivated.

There are several reasons for this, limited funds, limited time, and believe it or not pride can be a stumbling block. There is also the chance that you’ve tried to build your practice before and either your chiropractic marketing attemtps didn’t work out well or worse….you got burned.

You already know that to increase your income you have to do something to get more patients in the front door. You tell yourself that you know you have to get something going, whether it be print advertising or updating your chiropractic website, but you just keep putting it off.

You may have even found what seemed like some great chiropractic marketing ads, but for some reason you just don’t think this is a good time to spend that much money, maybe you’ll just sit back and wait.   Wait and see what happens next month.  This might seem like you are just being careful, taking it slow, thinking it through, that’s always a smart business decision, right?

Or maybe you have a touch of Wait and See-itis!

It’s more common than you think, but if left untreated it can lead to other conditions and may cause severe symptoms.

Maybe you’ve had this condition at one time or another,  or you know someone who has it now.

Here is what I know, Wait and See-itis presents as a subtle attitude at first. You might hear yourself saying things like; “I’ll do it tomorrow”,  “that can wait” or worst of all you tell yourself, “I don’t need to do any marketing”.

Caution and doubt are the most troublsome symptoms and can leave a person feeling extremly skeptical.  Have you ever thought something sounded to good to be true, or you’ve thought maybe that marketing works for some people but not for you?

Other side effects from this condition are fear, bitterness and envy, extreme cases have ended in not having enough income to pay the lease.  Okay, those are very extreme cases, but if you put off doing anything for too long, things tend to get extreme.

This is a very sneaky condtion too, no one sees it coming.  Don’t feel too bad if you think you have this condition, it happends to everyone at one time or another.  Sometimes the condition resolves itself, for others though, it can be a pretty bumpy road.

There is a treatment for Wait and See-itis.  It’s is risky though, it involves momentum and a dose of faith, oh and that one huge thing, you have to actually try some type of marketing.

Of course I recommend you do your research, it’s part of the *therapy.  There are numerous marketing products and services that sound good, but do your homework and for goodness sake don’t just try something because everyone else is doing it.  You have to do what is best for your practice and most of all what works with your budget.

*Disclaimer: Therapy sessons involve, stepping out of your comfort zone, coloring outside the lines, thinking outside the box and trusting those who have been where you are and know what they are doing.  Results will vary.

Make Your Marketing More Profitable

I think in order to know how to implement plans to make your marketing more profitable, you first need to understand why you need to market yourself and your practice, and agree that you will have to sink a portion of your money and time into several sources in order to maintain a profitable business.

Inevitably every business has to put into motion a marketing plan with the intent that it will generate profitable revenue. For you, a chiropractor, revenue and profits come in the form of new patients, preferably a continuous flow of new patients.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it’s not enough to get a degree, lease a space, slap a sign up and wait for that steady stream of patients to walk through the door. If only it were that easy…right?

Like me you’ve probably asked these questions at one time;

Where do I begin and how much should I spend on marketing?
When it comes to getting more new patients, you want to focus on the marketing that gives you the best return on your time and money.

A sizable chunk of your marketing budget should be put toward external marketing with time spent on internal marketing. For example, you can expect to spend a good portion of your marketing dollars to run newspaper ads and set up a chiropractic website. In contrast, sending out referral stream letters are more time consuming but less expensive.

Where is the best place to spend my marketing dollars?
There a many places and ways to spend your marketing money. While starting small is ideal, you should eventually get to a point where you can spread out and use multiple sources for marketing.

Once you become seasoned and gain confidence, why not branch out starting with a minimum of 5 good sources for reeling in new patients.

Some examples would be…
-newspaper ads
-internal referrals
-networking groups
-yellow pages

Why a minimum of 5? Of course your long term goal should be to have 8 or even 10 good sources of new patients…but 5 is a good number to get comfortable with, and then add more over time.

Here’s what I mean by “good source”, something that consistently produces 5 or more new patients per month, giving you 25 new patients per month, which as long as their good (meaning the patients not only convert to care but stay in your care) should put you in the $30-40k range in collections each month (this assumes your case average is good).

What is the best way to get a better return on my marketing dollars?
Want a better return on your marketing dollar? Then stop spending money on marketing that doesn’t produce results and sink that money back into the campaigns with the better results. And the only way to know what campaign is producing the best results is to track all the marketing you do. It won’t take long for your stats to show which campaign is working better.

If your stats show you that newspaper ad A yields a higher ROI than newspaper ad B, then you should be running with newspaper ad A.

Does this mean you should never run ad B? No, as long as it’s bringing in a positive ROI, you should. You want as many ‘poles in the water’ as you can afford to maintain.

If you’re budget doesn’t allow you to run multiple newspaper ads in the same month, go with the more profitable one this month and build up to working both ads the next month.

What’s considered “good results”?
When it comes to chiropractic marketing, anything above a 2-to-1 ROI is desirable. Obviously an ROI of 2:1 on all your marketing sources won’t build your practice effectively, so you’ll want to have a few 10:1 or even 20:1 marketing channels working at the same time.

Chiropractic Marketing in the New Year, What’s Your Plan?

Another year has passed in a blur and the New Year has arrived.  Now that the noise of the holiday season has quieted down, it’s time to think about your chiropractic marketing for 2014.

Got a plan?

A new year always inspires people because they see the new year as a clean slate, a new beginning, a fresh start, a time for change.   For some this change comes in the form of improving their health, for others it’s the urge to organize and put things in order, some vow to spend more time with loved ones and less time working.

Now is the time to dust off those chiropractic ads and get them ready to work for you while people are thinking about their health and eager to make some changes.

For businesses, 2014 will create many challenges in their marketing, one challenge in particular is just getting noticed amid all the other businesses vying for attention.  The chiropractic profession already utilized many new ways to market this past year, social media and other online marketing like websites and blogs, and now mobile marketing has come into play.  In fact there are so many marketing paths you might wonder where you should putting your marketing efforts.  Worse case scenario, you try to take all the paths and spread yourself and budget too thin. This could result in lower ROI in the long run.

It also makes me wonder if all of this access to everything under the sun will eventually lead to a media meltdown.  Will people begin to pull back from all the information they are exposed to on a daily basis? Will they long for the simplicity of turning a page in a book, or getting their fingers black from the print on the newspaper?

I’ve had people ask me; are the days of placing an ad in the newspaper gone?  Lost to the digital age, buried beneath mountains of online media and electronic noise?  I tell them no and not just because I write chiropractic ads specifically for the newspaper.

Consider this; you don’t see major retailers and real estate pulling their advertising from the newspapers do you? Even though they have other marketing resources. Large companies seem to have bottomless marketing budgets, they can pretty much and should use every means possible to push their brand and products.  So if newspapers weren’t a valuable marketing tool then why would they still be sinking their marketing dollar into print advertising?  Could it be that people still read the newspaper?

I am more than aware that a chiropractor’s marketing budget is limited.  This is why I encourage you to look at ways to increase your exposure and keep costs within reason and one way to do this is to use what you already have.

If you already have a chiropractic website but it seems to have lost is punch, it might be time to consider adding a blog to your site.  This will keep your site active as you add fresh content on a continuing basis.  Fresh content with rich keywords will help your site rank higher as more and more people read your blog.  Helping people find your site by promoting it on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn will also bring more traffic to your site.

It is also helpful to use, within reason, the online advertising available through Google Adwords and maybe even a few Facebook ads. These a great marketing tools because you can set your cost limits and work within those limits to bring in new patients, this is referred to a PPC (pay per click). Overtime as funds allow, you can always increase the budget on these campaigns.  Both the Adwords and the Facebook ads allow you to direct traffic back to your website.  Once there, having your blog filled with articles about health and wellness will further encourage people to read your blog posts regularly and potentially become your next patient.

One other consideration for your chiropractic website in 2014 is having your website mobile friendly.  Since more and more people use their smartphones for reading emails and daily news, your site should be easy to access on a mobile phone.  If you’ve not taken steps to do this already I would suggest discussing this with your webmaster or someone who can get your site set up for mobile viewing. If you are the webmaster and need help, you can check out Chiropractic Marketing Web and let Hill help you get your site tuned up for 2014.

If you already own any of my Ultimate Chiropractic Ads and you think they’ve seen better days, think again.  You can revive those ads in no time with a little help from Carol Smith and her Ultimate Ad Service.   But even if you’re not ready to take that step and you want some fresh ads, pull those ads out and give them a little face lift by adding some testimonials in place of studies.  Or maybe you just need some new material or a few extra ads to round out your advertising plan, the Ultimate Ads Club is stocked and ready with 24 newly written ads that won’t be found anywhere else.

So  are you ready for 2014?  I think it’s going to be a great year and I hope all of you are eager to get your marketing working for you.

p.s.  don’t forget to get those new ROI charts ready so you can track your marketing dollars.

p.s.s. don’t know much about ROI?  find out more HERE

Marketing Decisions to Consider with Chiropractic Print Ads

Are you serious about management success and developing a thriving chiropractic practice? If you answered yes, then I will assume that by now you have a functional marketing strategy in place.

The whole point of a strategy is to help keep you from throwing away money on something that’s not really going to help your business grow. What do you want to achieve and how much money are you willing to commit in order to achieve it? This is what marketing strategy will enable you to determine – and achieve.

Where will you spend your hard earned money?

Optimization of your chiropractic website is no doubt pretty close to the top of your list. Newspaper advertising should be near the top too. Setting a budget is one thing. It’s also important to work out a plan to spend that money wisely.

I’ve put together a few pointers to help you on your way when deciding how to spend your allocated newspaper-advertising budget – to put your chiropractic office on the map.

Research is a must

Newspaper advertising is only effective if people actually read the publication in question. A little local knowledge comes in useful here. You should have a pretty good idea as to what newspapers and magazines are popular in your local area – and which ones aren’t. You need cold, hard figures though – so ask for a circulation breakdown from the newspaper itself. It’s also worth doing a little research. The Alliance for Audited Media (formerly The Audit Bureau of Circulations) is able to provide not just circulation figures but also detailed social metrics for newspapers with a circulation above 25,000.

 One bad result isn’t the end all

Be realistic, it’s perfectly normal to expect results just don’t base the rest of your marketing on the first ad you run.  It could be a huge success, if so run it again, but at a later date, don’t risk wearing it out. If it’s not successful, try another ad.

Don’t give up if you don’t see instant results; give your marketing some time to grow. Newspaper advertising for a small business is all about raising your profile over time. If your chiropractic practice was recently established, you’re going to have to give it time for people to get to recognize your name. Recognition will come – but you’re going to have to stick with it.

Stay consistent and resist the urge to dip in and out of the market

It might be tempting to decide to splash out on the largest ad you can afford if you have a particular good month – but then not spend anything at all in those months when cash flow is tight. You need to resist this approach. If you simply ‘dip in and out’ of newspaper advertising then quite simply, people are going to forget who you are. Making a solid commitment to placing ads on a regular basis – rather than a big glossy ad once in a blue moon – will prove to be the best strategy.

Don’t be talked into buying advertising space you can’t afford

I cover this topic in the Ultimate Chiropractic Ads kit.  A newspaper advertising sales team can be a pretty persuasive bunch.  Hold off on package deals until you have a few runs under your belt.

But you might receive phone calls sometimes, offering great deals on unused advertising space. This can often be a great value, but not always a great location in the paper.  It’s fine to take the paper up on these offers from time to time, but ask questions and weigh your options, it might not be such a great deal if your ad is tucked away on in an obscure section and not seen. Also consider, unplanned advertising could eat into other parts of your marketing budget. The same goes for seemingly great value advertising space in neighborhood newsletters and start-up magazines. These publications can be great for building up a friendly, community-based profile – just don’t let the spending spiral out of control.

A willingness to commit and the ability to keep a tight rein on your budget: if you get this right then you’ll soon see that newspaper advertising becomes a highly successful part of your chiropractic marketing plan.

Great Chiropractic Marketing Begins with a Good Story

Five years ago this month chiropractic marketing officially became my primary source of income.  Just four years prior I was a breath away from losing my practice, and now I was selling my practice at a profit and launching a new business.

There is not enough time or space on this blog post to share everything that’s happened in these five short years, but I can tell you that when I started this chiropractic marketing business and this blog we had three children, we now have six and we’ve moved three times.  So as you can imagine, it’s been a busy and blessed five years.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while or listened in on webinars you’ve probably heard my story many times, you might even think you’ve heard it enough.

But understand that I don’t tell it over and over again for my benefit or those who’ve heard it; it is told for those who haven’t heard it.

My background isn’t shared to help promote my business; it’s shared to lay a foundation of understanding and knowledge, and build trust.

Marketing is like that too, there are always those who have not heard about chiropractic and how it can change lives.  That is one reason why you should never stop promoting and marketing, not solely for the benefit of bringing in new patients into your practice.  I understand, I’ve been there and growing your practice is probably the main reason you should invest money into chiropractic advertising and maintain a continuous stream of marketing campaigns throughout the year.   But practice building is only part of why you should be advertising; the other reason is for those who need to know about chiropractic.

You would be surprised to know how many people don’t know about the chiropractic profession and all that it has to offer.

Or maybe they have heard of chiropractic, but what they’ve heard are the opinions of people who have never been to a chiropractor or stories of those who knew someone who went to a chiropractor ages ago and had a bad experience, which may or may not have been true.  Which seems so strange when you consider all of the horror stories you hear about the medical profession and lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies, and yet people still see doctors and take prescription drugs without so much as a thought to what the long term effects might be, but I digress.

Chiropractic marketing is more than promoting you and your practice.  It’s also education for people who need alternative solutions in their health care.

My story also does more than encourage chiropractors; it provides an understanding and a connection.  It creates a trust.

That is the same thing you are doing when you invest your time and money into marketing your practice. When you can make that connection with people they feel comfortable with you and seek to know how you can help them.

Chiropractic marketing also helps build a legacy.

My position has given me an opportunity to meet many chiropractors and hear their stories.  It’s amazing to know that many chose the chiropractic profession because of the chiropractic experience they had as a child or teenager.   You just never know, the child that comes in to see you today because of your ad the parent saw in the paper, might be a chiropractor someday, and you might be the reason why.

When emails come in telling me that one of my chiropractic ads has helped bring in a multitude of new patients, I am happy for those doctors, and I’m honored that they listened to what I had to say, trusted me and my marketing tools, but I am even more overjoyed for their patients who will be receiving chiropractic care and hopefully sharing their chiropractic experience with their friends and families.

In hindsight, I can say it was a blessing to go through those very hard times in my practice.  If I hadn’t struggled, I wouldn’t be where I am today, helping chiropractors achieve success in a profession that I am passionate about. If you don’t know my story, you can read about it here.

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.~Dale Carnegie

Out of Adversity Came A Unique Chiropractic Ad Idea

If you had been told that being a chiropractor would involve marketing, keeping stats and in some cases spending your weekends doing spinal screenings, would you have continued down the path?

Maybe in the back of your head you suspected there might be more to it than seeing patients and using chiropractic to improve the quality of their life. The business side of chiropractic wasn’t the passion that gave you that push to complete chiropractic college. It was more than that.

Every chiropractor has his or her own story to tell about why they chose this wonderful profession. I myself had one, but if you’ve been reading this blog long enough you know that it’s the after story that changed my family’s life and turned my business around. My story involved debt, loss of a car and home, and about as close to loosing my practice via bankruptcy as I ever care to get again.

Looking back the whole experience taught me a lot. In the midst of all the chaos, there was an idea. Putting this idea on paper was the easy part, but implementing it was scary.

The idea was to reach people with a form of advertising that I wasn’t real familiar with. After all, I didn’t go to school for marketing or advertising. In fact, running a chiropractic office and marketing a practice was just barely discussed in one of the classes.

I knew something had to be done, I just wasn’t ready to give up on my dream or my practice. I had worked too hard and so had my wife. Plus there were patients out there that needed a chiropractor to help them and I wanted to be that chiropractor.

The form of marketing I’m talking about is called direct response advertising. In my case I used the direct response method within a condition specific chiropractic ad. I placed my ad in the newspaper with a call to action and prayed.
Maybe my story should be titled; “If you write it, they will come”, because they did, new patients began to come in.

I guess you could say the rest was history. The ad brought in new patients and so I ran another ad, soon my practice had turned around and we were working our way out of debt.

During this time I learned to record the ROI on each ad I ran, that way I would know where the new patients were coming from and which ad worked the best.

So you see, out of adversity came an idea, that idea gave me hope and confidence.

Marketing your practice is tough, especially today when there is so much information thrown at people all day long. Common sense might tell you that people just don’t have to time look at a newspaper let alone sit and read it, but don’t fall for that lie.

People will always have health issues ranging from low back pain to chronic illnesses. Remember, that is why you wanted to be a chiropractor…to give those people a choice in their health care.

How to Correct the 3 Biggest Mistakes in Your Advertising

Does everyone who calls in for an appoint show up? Do you ever wonder how many new patient appointments are being lost on the first phone call?

I frequently get this type of email message…

“Hi Doc. I just ran one of your ads. We got 20 calls and 11 came in for the exam. How can we get better results from the ads?

Unfortunately, this is a huge problem in chiropractic offices (or any health practitioner for that matter!)

The problem here isn’t the ad. After all, it intitiated 20 new patients calls! But to have only 55% of those calling in show up for the first visit is ridiculous.

But you want to know the scary part? This is happening in almost every office around the world.

Your office may not be as bad as the example quoted above, but as you know even one lost new patient is worth thousands of dollars to your clinic.

How many new patients are you missing out on just from bad calls.

Here are a few current numbers on this issue reported in our industry:

  • 98% of all new patients call on the phone first to schedule.
  • 50% of all lost patients are caused by poor patient handling at the front desk.
  • 79% of all advertising is wasted on leads that don’t convert to new patients

Click here to watch this free webinar.

5 Chiropractic Marketing Predictions for 2012

1. Monthly print newsletters will be more valuable.

I know, you’re probably thinking print newsletters have gone the way of the dinosaur, and that email, Facebook, etc. are “da bomb!” But the fact is people are starting to demand a more personal relationship with their businesses. All you have to do is look at the Occupy Wall Street movement to sense how people now see a big gap between the products they buy and the companies who provide them. (Also, for more on this, watch the second video here on Dr. Loop’s blog.)

What about email newsletters you ask? You should be sending those too, at least 2 per month. But does it mean more to you to receive a birthday card by snail mail or an e-card? Sending a print newsletter with a real postage stamp is still a very effective way to communicate with current patients and get more referrals.

2. Videos will be more effective on your website.

Video has been around for a number of years on the internet, but it really hasn’t become the norm yet. However I think in 2012 that will start to shift. A few reasons for this are: almost everyone has some type of broadband internet access now, Youtube is more popular than ever, and sites like Facebook are using more video. At the least you should test a video of yourself on the landing page of our website to see if it increases conversions. Using tools like Google website Optimizer will let you easily figure out if videos are more or less effective for your site.

3. Neuropathy, Decompression and other niche specific newspaper ads will continue to get high returns.

Like the print newsletters mentioned above, you may have bought into the lie that newspapers are now extinct. However, in most markets, this is not the case. Many of my clients got their best returns ever on newspaper ads in 2011, especially when using neuropathy and decompression ads. I know there are plenty of other people out there telling you how a jillion internet things will bring in hundreds of patients. And some of it will bring in patients. But don’t neglect the trusted source of patients like the newspaper. The key is using very good copywriting to reach specific niches that are really responsive.

4. Facebook, Google + and other Social Marketing sites will become more important in your chiropractic marketing plan.

Many chiropractors have heard of Facebook. Less have heard of Google+. Unfortunately, doctors treat these sites like everyone else, a place to post all your personal happenings. The problem is most patients aren’t interested in the fact you just “checked in” at the local burger barn. Sure, some personal interaction is necessary to maintain a following. But, you also need good copywriting and intentional posts to cause new patients to act and pick up the phone to call. Another important and often overlooked aspect of these sites is that they help with your search engine rankings. Having Facebook likes and Google+’s on your website will help it come up higher in Google Search, which will translate into more new patients. Just remember, Facebook and Google+ are effective tools, but they are not the only game in town. So, don’t spend 100% of your time and money fiddling with them.

5. Developing a mobile site will become a necessity.

As my friend Terry Dean recently pointed to, more and more people are using iphones to access websites like Facebook. Look at the stats from the link below, which state that “more than 350 million active users currently access Facebook through their mobile devices “:


Also, realize that one of the most common uses for a smart phone is to check email. That means every time you send an email with a link back to your website that person is going to your website on their phone. Even though I prefer to use the internet on my PC, I have an iPhone and iPad that I use often and realize it is just more convenient to click a link now rather than wait until later when I can access the website on my home desktop.

I’ll be working hard to implement these changes in 2012. I recommend you do the same. Also, I’ll keep you updated on any new tools and strategies I’m working on next year. Happy New Year’s.

How to Save Thousands on Newspaper Advertising

Are you getting the best prices when running your ads?

Some of my clients are saving thousands on ad prices each year. And
we’ll show you how their doing it.

Last week I interviewed special guest Carol Ann Smith on the subject of “How to Save Thousands On Your Newspaper Ads”.

Carol has years of experience working for chiropractors and saving them thousands in advertising prices. In 2010 alone she
helped bring in over 300 new patients from newspaper ads alone for one chiropractic office.

Here are just a few points we discussed:

  • How to Strategically Choose and Prepare the Best Ads Run
  • How to Negotiate Best Price with Ad Reps
  • The Best Placement for Your Ad
  • Add Local Condition-Specific Testimonials From Doctor
  • And much, much more…

To see the recorded video, go here:


Yours for greater success,
Michael Beck, D.C.