How to Get More Referrals from Your Workshops

Every chiropractor agrees that referrals are the best quality new patients you can get. But what many chiropractors don’t agree on is the most effective method for getting more referrals.

Some chiropractic consultants and coaches tell you to continually “ask your patients”. In my experience, “ask your patients” really meant to forcefully push and beg them for referrals. Others will tell you Patient Appreciation Days will bring in 100+ referrals every time you do them. While P.A.D.’s are good to do once or twice a year, they can be a lot of work. (Not to mention getting 100+ new patients is just a hyped up sales pitch.)

I’ve discovered a much easier method of getting new patient referrals…chiropractic dinner workshops. If you’re not familiar with a dinner workshop, it’s basically a short talk or “lay lecture” held outside your office for your patients and their guest

Patients are invited and bring a family member or friend. You give a short 20-30 minute talk about chiropractic and how you can help people with their health problems, then you make an offer to the guests in attendance to come in for an exam.

You really are just getting high quality referrals, but doing it in a different way because the person referring is sitting right next to them.

When I first heard about dinner workshops, my first thought was that #1.) it was going to be too much work and #2.) you would have to drag your patients to come.

Here’s the basic layout of how to set up a dinner workshop…

-Find a local restaurant that can seat 15-30 people in a separate room and make sure they can make a special menu for your workshop.

-Schedule the room for 1.5-2 hours on a Tuesday night.

-Invite your patients by asking them, putting up flyers, and running ads.

-Have your staff show up early and help set up.

-Give your educational talk, closing with an emotional story and a special one-time offer.

I recommend doing these at least once a month (twice if your practice is larger.) Many doctors are getting 10-20 new patients each month just from these dinner workshops alone.

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  1. says

    I’ve always loved the idea of a dinner workshop. It’s a perfect win-win for everybody. The doc has a chance to acquire new patients, and the guests get a free dinner. Great stuff!

  2. Steve Taylor says

    Breitenmoser also has a great workshop for dinner referrals, 1st time we tried it we got over 200 referrals and around 10 new patients. Now with some advise from Cates we ask for Introductions, the term referrals seems to be outdated in other business climates.