Numbness, Tingling, Neuropathy – The How & Why These 3 Key Words Boost ROI Numbers

Business ChartsIt’s not the invention of the wheel or the discovery of fire, but for some odd reason three key words used in chiropractic marketing last year, created a significant rise in ROI stats in hundreds of chiropractic practices around the globe in 2012.

This also led to huge profits for those chiropractors running these advertising campaigns.

I often get asked; “what is the best ad to use?

This was actually the most asked question last year and I think it will continue to be into this year.

Will these key words stay on top of the chiropractic marketing mountain top in 2013?

Who can say, there are already a couple of other key words that seem to be giving Neuropathy a run for the money.  In fact I addressed those trends in a recent article that can be found here.

But today, I want to look at how and why these three key words work so well.

The most obvious reason would be because the target audience for Neuropathy is huge and growing by leaps and bounds.

While there are many factors that contribute to neuropathy, the most commonly health issue associated with this condition is diabetes, however if a person is experiencing symptoms like numbness and tingling, that doesn’t mean they are diabetic.

Vitamin deficiency, autoimmune diseases, exposure to toxins, tumors and severe injury or trauma can cause nerve damage, as can activities done repeatedly over long periods of time.  Those who work at a computer all day might experience numbness in their arms, hands.

Also sitting for long periods of time while traveling or working can cause numbness in the low back, legs and feet.   Continuous pressure on nerves can lead to numbness.  People who use crutches after an injury or surgery will often experience numbness in arms and hands.

So you see there are many other things that can lead to numbness, tingling or nerve pain.  That is why these particular key words have worked so well in chiropractic marketing.

How you use these keywords is what will boost ROI and raise new patient visits.

The use of keywords in online marketing, print ads and direct mail marketing is critical.  For online marketing the use of keywords will help people find your practice website which I hope has a landing page for Neuropathy and the symptoms associated.

Print advertising needs keywords to draw attention to the ad.  Condition specific ads usually rank higher in ROI because the reader feels and immediate connection, especially if they have the same problems or know someone who does.

In direct mail marketing, keywords are used to find a specific type of patient to send information about your practice to.

Now that you know, go ahead and try these keywords in your next marketing campaign and don’t forget to track your ROI so you can see the difference.

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