Newspaper Ads vs. the Internet

With the internet being all the rage, many chiropractors have been told that newspaper advertising is completely useless. Is there any truth to this claim?

No. Chiropractic newspaper advertising is still going strong. It is certainly true that some newspaper publishers are struggling to keep up with the recent recession and all the new media in the past few years. But this is an advantage to you, since you can get better prices in most markets than you could 5 years ago. You’ll still get a good return from newspaper ads and a much quicker one than from a website.

Don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying you should do newspaper advertising in the place of internet marketing. I’m saying you should do both. Why must it be one or the other? One is a quick influx of new patients when you run the newspaper ad. The other is a constant trickle of a new patients from your website and other online marketing methods. I for one like money that comes in big and fast, and money that flows in consistently over time. How about you?

If newspaper ads aren’t working anymore, no one has notified my ad customers who are getting tons of new patients. Like Dr. Merritt, who had 50 new ones after running his first neuropathy ad or the doc who called us and mentioned that his phone has not stopped ringing after running his first ad. Or Dr. David Rusick who just today emailed me this:

My first ad worked great! We have seen 22 new patients in one week from this ad alone and they are still calling, and 18 have agreed to prescribed care plans. Not a bad ROI, when my average case is $1,400.00 and my first 1/2 page ad cost was $1,500.00 . It sounds too good to be true, but it works. It has been amazing to see the response from the patients.They feel like the ad was written specifically for them. They are all ready for care when to they come to my office. Thanks Doc.

Here’s a short clip from a webinar where I cover the actual numbers released in a study from the Newspaper Association of America.

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  1. says

    Excellent post, Dr. Beck! And, right on target!!

    Even though the Internet is playing an ever-increasing role in marketing a chiropractic practice, the fallacy that newspaper and other outbound marketing strategies are dead is just not true!

    Newspaper advertisement can be an incredible new patient source for chiropractors. Especially for those communities that haven’t caught up to technology.

    And, to be honest, there are still quite a few communities within the United States where people prefer reading newspapers offline over online.

    So, the bottom line is this, even though marketing is going through a metamorphosis, don’t forget that we’re still bridging the gap between outbound and inbound marketing. Therefore, chiropractors don’t want to jump ship entirely into inbound while ignoring outbound strategies that still work.