Neuropathy and Chiropractic Marketing

The neuropathy niche is becoming bigger and bigger. Millions of people suffer from this debilitating condition. But questions remain about who will provide the most effective treatment for these suffering patients.

Even the U.S.government realizes neuropathy is becoming a difficult problem to solve. The Neuropathy Association, Inc. states “The National Institutes of Health spent $35 million in 2004 and $29 million in 2005 on peripheral neuropathy research.”

People are looking for answers. And drug companies are not providing a solution.

This is why it’s an opportune time for chiropractors to teach neuropathy patients how they can help.

When I first starting writing neuropathy ads, I wanted to get across to the reader that chiropractors had a solution. One that has been proven to work in many cases. This educational aspect is still a part of the neuro ads I write each month for the NeuropathyDr program.

As the doctors who’ve ran my ads can attest to, the neuropathy market is a wide open niche. There is just so little competition out there right now. Which means you’re message can get through faster, easier and with very little expense compared to other niches (like decompression, fibromyalgia, etc.)

Here are just a couple of success stories doctors are getting with my neuropathy ads:

“Wow!  My first Neuropathy Ad brought in 12 new patients… about $5,000 and only cost $700 to run.  My practice is recovering and so is our cash-flow.” –  Julian Chipley, DC

“We have 37 new pt. scheduled from the ad.” –Dr. Chad Keeney, D.C.

“With Dr Beck`s ad I had 21 NPs and many of them have since referred other patients to us. The ROI thus far exceeds 20-1, and the tab is still running. The difference in my opinion is his copywriting skill…If I had his program 10 years ago, you wouldn’t be reading this, I`d be fishing off my tropical island someplace! – Dr Ren Halverson

Just like spinal decompression was all the rage 5 years ago, the neuropathy niche is only going to get bigger and bigger. Don’t be the last chiropractor in your town who taps into this market of patients.

No doubt there are neuropathy patients in your town right now looking for help. They’re tired of being pumped full of drugs to stop the pain. They want a natural solution.

The only question is how are you going to reach them and what treatment protocol will you be using?   While you don’t need to spend $100k (like you did on chiropractic school) or get some fancy equipment to help neuropathy patients, you should know something about what’s been shown to be effective.

Many chiropractors are including other modalities like the Rebuilder, nutritional supplements and rehab into their neuropathy treatment plans.

But which of these really work and which don’t? And how do you build a care plan around it?

Join Dr. John Hayes, Jr. and myself on a free webinar Thursday, June 17th, at 1:30 PM EST as we discuss a “Mid-Year Update” on the neuropathy niche and what you need to be doing right now to get more neuropathy patients.

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