Grow Your Practice and Engage Your Patients with Chiropractic Newsletters

Unlike other marketing tools used in your practice, chiropractic newsletters can be used to educate and inform a targeted audience, your existing patient base plus those patients who have shared their email address on your website.  In fact newsletters are great for direct mail marketing.

Newsletters instill trust and assist you in building an efficient professional profile.

Prior to the age of personal computers and the global reach of the internet, many chiropractors relied on chiropractic newsletters to help attract new patients, retain active patients and to achieve chiropractic marketing success. This was a great idea in its time and an excellent practice builder.

There were even some chiropractors who attempted to write and publish their own newsletters, yet many busy chiropractic professionals did not have the expertise or time to create and publish a monthly newsletter, have it printed, address them and get them mailed. For these doctors, employing a newsletter service included the ideal method of acquiring this useful patient retention tool.

Chiropractic newsletter services would create, print then deliver newsletters to patients. Service providers performed all of the work (of course, for a charge) and a marketing savvy chiropractor received all of the credit and profit.

Not bad.

Now that we have the affordability of personal home computers, home-publishing programs and photo sites like iStock photos, chiropractors might again think about trying to create their own newsletters, after all email provides a method of sending the digital version to all of your patients inexpensively and easily. But let’s face it, time is still a factor.

If you are considering creating your own chiropractic newsletter, you should be warned that a badly written product might hurt your chiropractic practice more than help it and here is why…

People in the medical profession, including Chiropractors are held to a higher standard; however even the tiniest error can fuel a skeptic. Therefore, if you decide to create your own newsletters, watch for those little spelling mistakes and additional inaccuracies or you might find yourself attracting critics instead of new patients.

That is why even now, like the days prior to email and computers and blog writing, if you wish to utilize chiropractor newsletters as a patient retention tool, consider contacting a chiropractic newsletter publisher.

Running a thriving practice requires you to focus on your patients of course, but don’t forget that building your practice is equally important, however the building of a practice is time consuming. A chiropractic newsletter publisher will take the burden of editing, writing, content production and all other things that go into creating a high quality newsletter, off of your hands.

When searching for a newsletter provider, look for a company that uses a good mixture of content which appeals to prospective and current patients alike– and one which provides you a method of advertising your featured services and products.

It’s wise to request a sample newsletter then determine if you enjoy the tone and style. Also, for emailed newsletters find out if the publisher provides support for uploading addresses, list maintenance, and distribution.

Monthly chiropractic newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with existing patients, introduce your practice and show your expertise to new patients. Some questions to ask when looking for a chiropractic newsletter publisher:

  • Can you select the articles you want each month?
  • Can you receive your newsletter digitally?
  • Are 100% editable so you can customize to add your practice logo and name?
  • Is the an option to  print and mail? Send out to patients via email? Can you advertise or add coupons?  Can you add a link or the whole newsletter on your practice website/blog or on your facebook page.
  • Is the pricing fixed per month or priced by amount needed?  What services does the price cover?

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