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tritonDo you have a decompression table in your practice? If not, are you thinking about getting one?

For years there has been quite a bit of hoopla in chiropractic around spinal decompression machines. Trying to get to the bottom of things is sometimes a difficult task.

First, let’s address a few issues some chiropractors have with decompression.

It’s not uncommon for people to say “that’s not chiropractic, therefore I’m not getting one of those.” Well, this person is correct, spinal decompression is not chiropractic. If you’re goal is to have an adjustment only practice without any instrumentation or electronic device, then you should not get a decompression table.

But for doctors who want an excellent way to help their patients, a spinal decompression machine is the #1 therapy device I recommend. Why do I recommend it so much?

Two reasons…

#1.) It helps herniated/bulging/degenerative disc patients get better in ways that no adjustment can. Some people will argue that their technique can do the same thing. I’ve not researched every chiropractic technique available, but I’ve yet to come across one that can pull on the pelvis of a patient with 80lbs of pressure, alternating between relaxing and pulling every 30-45 seconds for a total of 15 minutes.

#2.) The marketing for this is so much easier to do. No, not because it’s a fancy piece of equipment. Not because it’s a gimmick. But because the people who are suffering from disc problems are desperate for a solution. If you’re faced with a lifetime of shots, dangerous pain pills and/or surgical fusion of your spine, how quickly are you going to try something non-invasive like spinal decompression?

Realize, #2 would be insignificant if decompression didn’t work. Ethically it has to work before you can market that it does.

The Bad News

Unfortunately, some hyped up marketing a few years back really altered what chiropractors thought of spinal decompression. Many doctors thought “true spinal decompression” could only be found in spending $100k on a table. If you thought this, then the only 2 choices were to either send a house payment every month for this table or not pursue decompression in your practice because it was out of your price range.

Then, more hyped up marketing (in the form of patient advertising) entered the picture and state boards got involved in banning certain types of marketing. Some states even looked for ways to prevent chiropractors from using spinal decompression, saying it wasn’t in their scope of practice.

I realized that there had to be another way to do this whole decompression thing. One marketing guru couldn’t have cornered the market on spinal decompression in chiropractic.

After a bit of research, I found quite a few manufacturers that make good decompression tables. Of course, then I had to prove to myself that these tables did actually do decompression, since I had been brainwashed as well into thinking only one table was “TRUE DECOMPRESSION.” ( Turns out there all classified by the FDA as traction tables anyway 🙂

I won’t go into the details, but most tables that claim decompression actually do decompression. It’s just a matter of how easy it is to use and how nice it looks. Arguments against this are just an old marketing technique (which is sometimes valid, but not here), where you try to get everyone to think your product is the only “real” table that does decompression, and the rest just do traction. You probably heard of this, often times called the unique selling proposition.

The funny thing is, years later, very few people who bought a DRX table will argue that Chattanooga, Saunders, Lordex, (and all the hundreds of other manufacturers) are not doing decompression. Five years ago, ‘them was fightin words’. I even remember threats of lawsuits being thrown around and patenting the words “spinal decompression.”

For $8-10k I could get a table and start helping patients get better. Combined with chiropractic adjustments and other strength building therapies, I saw some amazing results. Not to mention my average case values went up considerably.

Was decompression just a fad, one that has died out?

Well, the $100k tables probably don’t sell like they used to. But spinal decompression is alive and well.

Do you think there will be more or less patients with herniated discs in 2010? How about in 5 years from now? Decompression is not a fad because spinal disc problems are not a fad.

Important: Marketing Is Key

Don’t do like many chiropractors I speak with have done. Don’t spend a ton on a table, and forget to market the thing. You’ve got to market it for what it does, otherwise it’s just an overpriced traction table sitting in your office collecting dust.

This is why I wrote the decompression ads in The Ultimate Chiropractic Ads. It was difficult to find ethical marketing that wasn’t hyped up, so I learned to write my own. And they have done extremely well.

If you don’t have a table yet, don’t wait. Start getting quotes now as the new year is right around the corner. Be ready to hit your decompression marketing strong in January.

If you already have a table, make sure you’re planning the first quarter of 2010 with some strong marketing.

Watch a free webinar where I cover my Area Exclusive decompression marketing program here:

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  1. Dr. Beck: I’ve come across your ads for improving Decompression flow a few times. I’ve gone thru some advertising and still don’t have the decompression volume I’d like. What is the great thing(s) about your marketing for decompression that makes it stand out? I have two DTS tables and want/need to fill them. My practice is a Chiropractic practice that has hired a PT to allow more time and insurance coverage to patients. Do you think your system can help me? Why? Thank you for your consideration.

  2. Kathy at

    I have a Laser and Decompression practice and would like to purchase JUST the Laser and Decompression ads – without the rest of them. I know I can get them if I upgrade to the Ultimate Package, but being that I ONLY want the Laser and Decompression ads, I wanted to know if we could work it out? Thank you.

  3. drbeck at

    Kathy, the decompression ads are very valuable and bring in some of the best ROI for my customers. For this reason, they can only be purchased by getting the platinum set. With the platinum package, you are essentially paying the decompression and laser ads, while getting the basic kit free.

  4. drbeck at

    Mark, if you take a look at you’ll see a few testimonials from doctors who’ve had great success from the decompression ads. The important aspect of my ads is that you can get quality new patients in without using unethical or hyped up marketing.

  5. Dr Beck, I have considered to purchase your platinum package to market my DRX and DTS tables. I spoke with one of your testimonial doctors in Iowa, I believe it was Cedar Rapids. He advised me he used your SD newspaper insert with good ROI. He did not do well with the Headache ad. I have done the Altadonna lead gen ads in the past with diminishing returns. I did the Cooper “MArch Madness DRX ad” with no return. Very disappointing. The problem with my Rochester PostBulletin newspaper is it is VERY expensive: $6000 for full page and $3000 for half page ad. This is for a medium size market of approx 100,000 population in the metro area. Before I purchase your ad package I need some assurance of what is working now to generate leads in my type of market. This is a medically oriented community so the ads need to be ethical and professional. I believe your ads are, but I need assurance that your ads are going to work here whether it is inserts, call to action, or lead generation.
    Thank you.

  6. Nice post, Dr. Beck… Didn’t Axiom get hammered for their sketchy sales practices around two years ago? You’re right, you don’t have to spend 6 figures on a good table that will get solid results.

    I like that you point-out the marketing aspect. Effective marketing will fill the table, giving you the best ROI and allow you to help more folks in need of non-invasive solutions. Your “Chiro Ads” walk the talk.

    Thanks 🙂

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