4 Principles of Marketing Strategy with Brian Tracy

Marketing is one of the most misunderstood and misused business growth strategies in chiropractic. However, it is not impossible to do right. Watch this excellent by Brian Tracy where he shows you the 4 Principles of Marketing Strategy (however I don’t share his admiration of Lady Gaga!)

1:56 – The 4 Key marketing principles that determine your success in business.

3:50 – Specialization in business: your competition, area of excellence, and unique selling proposition.

13:45 – Segmentation: who are your best customers? What are their demographics?

18:30 – Psycographics: What are their goals and ambitions? Wants, needs, motivations? Hopes, dreams, aspirations? Fears, doubts, worries? Problems to be solved?

19:46 – What is the PTBS of your products or services?

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