3 Ways to Use Chiropractic Ads on your Website

For over five years the Ultimate Chiropractic Ads have been a leader in print advertising.  But did you know that there are other ways to use the ads?

Marketing your practice can be done in print and online.  If you have a website for your online marketing then you should consider these three ways to use chiropractic ads on your website.

Landing page- If you use Google or Facebook ads to enhance your online presence, then you should be driving visitors to your site using a direct link in the ad.  A landing page on your website is a great place to use one of the condition specific chiropractic ads found in the Ultimate Chiropractic Ads kit.

Choose an ad that would be compatible with the Google or Facebook ad campaign you plan to run.  If you wish to pull in more neuropathy patients, you would base your ad campaign on neuropathy or some of the symptoms of neuropathy, such as numbness and tingling.  Upload the PDF version of the ad onto a new page on your site then provide the URL link in your ad campaign, when visitors click the link they will be taken to the landing page giving your visitors a chance to take advantage of the discounted offer in the ad.

Blog Post – Write about what conditions you treat in your next blog post.  I’ve often talked about the advantage of adding a blog to your practice website.  Not only does a blog turn your static site into an active site, it also helps you communicate with your existing patients and helps prospective patients learn more about you and your practice.  It also builds trust and educates those who find your site via web searches.

By selecting a condition specific ad to use as your blog post you are also adding key words that will help your site rank higher when people are searching online for information about their symptoms.

Video – Videos are a great way to keep visitors on your site longer.  They also encourage people to click more pages once they have watched the video.   Again you would select an ad you want to use, however you would have someone actually say what the ad is about in the video.

To add more chances of being found in searches, you will want to upload your video on a video sharing site like YouTube or Vimeo.  Make sure you include any key words in your description when you upload.  After you have uploaded your video you can then grab the code to embed your video on your website.

This is a great opportunity to be the star of your own show, but if you’re camera shy, ask one of your staff to give it a go or look into hiring a college student who is majoring in theater.  College kids can always use the extra cash.

Be sure to visit the ChiroMarketing Academy for more tips on how to use videos and blog posts in your chiropractic marketing, online or in print.

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