Chiropractic Marketing Tools That Will Absolutely Grow Your Practice

There aren’t too many books published specifically for chiropractic marketing, so I was very interested in seeing what Dr. Reizer has to say in his new book CHIROPRACTIC MARKETING TOOLS THAT WILL ABSOLUTELY GROW YOUR PRACTICE. According to his site, Dr. Reizer “is a former associate professor of Sherman College and has taught numerous graduate level courses in chiropractic technique, x-ray analysis, diagnostic interpretation, chiropractic philosophical applications, and chiropractic communications.”

Dr. Reizer has published numerous other books on chiropractic (which I have listed at the end of this post), as well as three science fiction novels.

The subject matter of Chiropractic Marketing Tools ranges from simple business cards and newspapers to more advanced strategies like writing your own newspaper ads, developing a weight loss campaign, and marketing to health clubs. The book is only 133 pages, but packed full of ideas. I counted at least 24 different marketing tools mentioned. Dr. Reizer spends about 3-6 pages on each of the marketing tools mentioned. In most of the chapters he briefly explains the tool and how to use it, and sometimes gives an sample piece that you can easily use in your office.

One Amazon reviewer said,”Every morning our staff reads a few pages to get everyone thinking about how to promote the office.” This is actually a pretty good idea, as these are mostly marketing tools that your staff could do for you (or setup for you.) So to have them thinking about marketing each day is vital to your practice. Also, many of these strategies your staff has never heard of before, so you can provide a quick and easy manual of marketing ideas for them to use.

I do have two critiques of the book.

The biggest critique is that while the tools mentioned are useful and will “absolutely grow your practice” if done correctly, one of the most effective marketing tools available to chiropractors is only mentioned in passing: direct response marketing. These exact words are not found in the book, but Dr. Reizer does spend a few pages talking about lead generation marketing, which is a form of direct response marketing. He then provides a sample free report, which well written. But no mention of long copy newspaper ads or direct mail pieces. Seeing as one of my Decompression Marketing Elite clients just notified me that they got over 300 new patients this year from my ads, I think newspaper ads are pretty important!

The other critique is related to the first. Overall the book is a great summary of marketing ideas for every chiropractor to use. But the book is going to be used most by those who are new to practice or operating on a low marketing budget. For example, all of the strategies in the book could be done each month for less than $500 (there is no mention of radio or TV marketing). While this is a great place to start, and even marketing veterans should be doing some of the things Dr. Reizer mentions, there is much more that can be done in the way of effective marketing strategies.

Overall I think it’s a book every chiropractor should have in their arsenal. For those in practice less than 2 years, or for doctors struggling, it is a must read ASAP. For others, this book will be very useful for your staff and as a reference guide for ideas.

Dr. Reizer’s other chiropractic books include:

Great Chiropractic Marketing Demographic Tool

Do you know what demographics you want to be marketing too?

The term demographic is defined as “a single vital or social statistic of a human population.” What this means to you is that you can use demographic information to make sure you’re spending you’re money where it will have the best effect. Here are just a few demographic measurements you should be looking at:

  • Number of people in a household (which tells you if you’re dealing with families or singles, homes or apartment complexes)
  • Median income per household
  • Racial and ethnic information (helpful in marketing to a foreign language, etc.)
  • Education level
  • Median home value

These statistics can be used an various ways to help you get a better return on your investment. One example has to do with direct mail. If you’re going to spend $500, $1000, or more on a direct mail campaign, you want to focus on the right area of your town or city. Are you going to mail to a business district where your mail will likely be trashed, or to a neighborhood with high median home values?

Another way to use this information is when you have multiple newspapers in your area targeting different areas of the city, you can compare the demographics to the paper distribution. This can also help when you are running inserts in the paper by zip code.

I once had 10 different newspapers to choose from, ranging from a very small neighborhood newspaper to the large Dallas Morning News. With the right demographic information, I could target and test very specific areas of my town, plus surrounding towns, to find out which performed the best. Some of the 10 newspapers I could quickly dismiss as useless because their distribution went too far or hit areas I was not interested in marketing to. To have this information meant a huge amount of time and money could be saved. (One thing I learned is don’t always trust the newspaper’s own demographics, as they can be slanted to make that newspaper look good!)

An awesome new tool I recently discovered can be very helpful in determining the demographics of your area (if you practice in the U.S.) It’s called the NY Times Mapping America Project. If you go there and put in your city or zip code, you will be able to select many different demographic maps. Here’s one I created for the North Dallas area.

When you mouse over the live version, you can see each census tract’s median household income and it even shows you what percentage that has changed since the 2000 census! If you understand the true value of demographics, you will know this tool is going to be very useful to you.

I would highly recommend you visit the website, check out your area, and bookmark it for future use. Consult this site whenever you are making decisions about where to run different marketing campaigns. Also, make sure you check out the different maps and how they relate to your area by using the blue button at the top right that says “View more maps.”

Speaking of demographics, here is a neat video on the world demographics since 1810.

The Inexpensive Way to Do Chiropractic Marketing Online

If you’ve been putting off all the internet marketing your practice should be doing, today’s post is going to speed things along nicely. In fact, you could have everything up and running in a matter of days if you follow the advice below.

When it comes to internet marketing, there is a lot of technical stuff to know. There’s building websites, handling email, recording and producing videos, tracking statistics, and more. It can fell like you need a degree in computers just to do it all. This is where you have to make a decision. You can either do the work yourself, or pay someone to do it for you.

Most chiropractors will choose to hire someone else, and that’s a wise decision. This is what’s called “outsourcing”, finding someone else to handle the things you don’t want to.

Why Should You Outsource

There’s no rule that says you personally have to do everything in your practice. You can hire out for someone to answer the phone, clean your office, and even hire another doctor to see your patients if you wanted. It’s even easier online to hire or outsource your work.

Here are just a few reasons you might have for outsourcing your online marketing…

  • You are too busy with your practice.
  • You hate the technical stuff.
  • You could do it, but someone else could probably do it better.
  • You value your time and know that it would take awhile to do some of the technical parts.

How much is your time worth? I’ll bet it’s worth more than the $10-35 an hour you would pay someone else to do all the internet marketing for you. By hiring someone to do it for you, you bring on a “team member” that can help you build the marketing system you’ve always dreamed of. One chiropractic system that will do it all for you is the Chiropractic Marketing Web system.

Where To Find A Team Member

Outside of these Chiropractic-focused programs, you may want someone you have direct control over what they create and make for you, like an employee or independent contractor type setup. Here I’ve listed my most favorite to least favorite places to find a team member for outsourcing work to.

1. Friends and family

I prefer to have team members I know and trust already, instead of going out to find someone I don’t know. If you have a child or relative that’s good with webpages and blogs, they could help you put together the steps we’ve already covered.

2. Your own staff members or patients

If your current staff has the ability to help you in developing your chiropractic internet marketing plan, you should use them. Patients can also be a great source of finding help. Some of your patients will have the technical skills to help you and do so for very little pay. Be careful of the professional “web designer” though, as they are likely to charge you thousands of dollars and change your blog/landing page to their own liking.

3. Any of the following online outsourcing companies


This site can be an easy way to find an outsourcer or “part time” work at home person to help you with parts of your system.

“What Can I Outsource?”


Here are just a few things you could outsource to the above companies, including the chiropractic specific ones.

  • Build a landing page
  • Set up your auto responder
  • Setup a word press blog on your domain
  • Ghost write your blog posts
  • Create and install your web forms
  • Copy for your landing page (most good copywriters don’t outsource their work on and other sites)

Other internet marketing tasks you might consider outsourcing are things like press releases, writing articles, blog and forum commenting and other link building strategies. A chiropractic specific service that does this is ASN Solutions. A popular general link building site is Linkvana.

As you can see, there’s plenty of work for an outsourcer or virtual assistant to do. You may like delegating your work so much that you find other things around your office to outsource like compiling patient data, making a mailing list, or doing research for health talks. Who knows, you may even cut back on staff and payroll as a result.