Newspaper Ads vs. the Internet

With the internet being all the rage, many chiropractors have been told that newspaper advertising is completely useless. Is there any truth to this claim?

No. Chiropractic newspaper advertising is still going strong. It is certainly true that some newspaper publishers are struggling to keep up with the recent recession and all the new media in the past few years. But this is an advantage to you, since you can get better prices in most markets than you could 5 years ago. You’ll still get a good return from newspaper ads and a much quicker one than from a website.

Don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying you should do newspaper advertising in the place of internet marketing. I’m saying you should do both. Why must it be one or the other? One is a quick influx of new patients when you run the newspaper ad. The other is a constant trickle of a new patients from your website and other online marketing methods. I for one like money that comes in big and fast, and money that flows in consistently over time. How about you?

If newspaper ads aren’t working anymore, no one has notified my ad customers who are getting tons of new patients. Like Dr. Merritt, who had 50 new ones after running his first neuropathy ad or the doc who called us and mentioned that his phone has not stopped ringing after running his first ad. Or Dr. David Rusick who just today emailed me this:

My first ad worked great! We have seen 22 new patients in one week from this ad alone and they are still calling, and 18 have agreed to prescribed care plans. Not a bad ROI, when my average case is $1,400.00 and my first 1/2 page ad cost was $1,500.00 . It sounds too good to be true, but it works. It has been amazing to see the response from the patients.They feel like the ad was written specifically for them. They are all ready for care when to they come to my office. Thanks Doc.

Here’s a short clip from a webinar where I cover the actual numbers released in a study from the Newspaper Association of America.

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A recent conversation with a PI attorney

(Today’s post is by my colleague Dr. Jonathan Walker, co-creator of PI Marketing Mastery.)

Check out this marketing message from a website I stumbled across recently…

“Don’t rely on focus groups and consumers’ ability to express their opinions about your product, let their minds speak for themselves.

At MindSign Neuromarketing(TM), we look at the subject brain response to your ad, game, speech, or film. We look at how well and how often it engages the areas for attention/emotion/memory/and personal meaning (importance). We also look at how well it activates (good) the brain as a whole. From this data we can tell what your audience was thinking while using your software or watching your content, moment by moment, regardless of what that content is. Were they scared or sleepy, happy or sad? Were they even paying attention? We can show you how your product is affecting the consumer brain even before the consumer is able to say anything about it.”

This comes from the website of a company called MindSign Neuromarketing who uses functional MRI technology to literally read the minds of subjects who are exposed to marketing messages. Functional MRI measures blood flow to the brain, so when a particular region is activated it is easy to measure and record.

Am I the only one who finds this a little scary? Although it seems like something straight out of Star Trek, this type of marketing research is being utilized by corporations such as Unilever and Proctor and Gamble to know exactly what consumers are thinking.

While no chiropractor that I’m aware of has figured out how to read the minds of PI attorneys, you can get close. There are very specific questions that every attorney wants answered, and your goal is to answer these before they even have a chance to ask them.

I recently sat down with a local attorney and explained to him how I understood how difficult it was to build a case with no objective evidence. I told him the battle he faced trying to prove his clients were injured when the treating physicians didn’t provide any objective evidence in the form of diagnostic testing.

I then explained to him that I use very specific x ray and MRI protocols that can uncover ligament damage that is common with most whiplash patients. These ground-breaking imaging techniques can be used to show proof of injury in the dreaded “soft tissue” cases that for years have been nearly impossible for attorneys to win at trial.

Knowing the answer to one of the most pressing questions burning in the minds of PI lawyer instantly made me this attorney’s “go to guy”. At the end of our conversation he said, “I like your office and I’m ready to work with you. I’ll probably be able to send 50-60 cases to you over the next year.”

This stuff really works! Answer the questions before they can ask them and you’ll have attorneys keeping your practice full to capacity with high quality PI referrals.

Discover multiple ways of getting PI patients at:

Yours for more PI patients,
Jonathan Walker, D.C.

The Magic Pill for Chiropractic Marketing

Once upon a time I thought there was a magic pill to fix my practice. A secret to success. I bought into coaching program after coaching program, thinking they had the answer. I purchased marketing products by the dozens. Jumped at every “opportunity” presented to me by advertising salesmen who came into my office. All for the sake eventually finding that “one” thing that would make my practice successful.

You know what I mean. The magic pill that you can take and all your problems go away. The secret box you open that contains all the strategies for running a successful practice.

One day I woke up and realize that contrary to what certain new age books tell us, there is no “secret” to success. There is no magic pill to fix your marketing worries. You see, I was desperate for solutions. So I would buy one thing after another, thinking it had the complete answer to my practice problems.

Do most marketing products have good content and tools? Sure. But here’s where I went wrong…

I thought 1 product or piece of coaching advice should fix my practice. If it didn’t, I threw it out and went after another one. If you want to truly succeed in chiropractic practice, you’ve got to get rid of this mindset! Packaged one-size-fits-all marketing products aren’t a magic pill.

You’re a unique doctor.  You have unique skills.  You have a very specific background. You have specific needs at this moment.

For many of you, that need is more new patients. So when you get a new product or service, you’re looking to fulfill that need. The purpose of marketing products and services is just that…they’re tools to bring you more new patients.

Notice I said tools. Not THE tool. Anyone who tells you their product or service is the only thing you’ll ever need to bring in new patients is lying. There is not one be-all-end-all method of marketing. There are good and bad ways to market, higher ROI’s, lower ROI’s and complete wastes of time and money.

Why would I say these things when I offer tools like The Ultimate Chiropractic Ads, Decompression Marketing Elite, and ChiroMarketing Academy…even claiming that these are effective, proven and professional (which is all true by the way)?

Simply because I never once claim that these products are the only thing you’ll ever need. They are awesome at bringing in new patients for your practice. Some doctors are getting awesome results (like Dr. Merrit who scheduled 94 patients, 82 of which started care), many others more normal results (around 10-20 new patients per ad.)

But they aren’t the only tool you should use. If one of my ads brings in 10 new patients this month, and your practice needs 20, you don’t throw away the ad and convince yourself it didn’t work. It still brought in 10 new patients for pennies on the dollar! What you do is use 2 or 3 or 4 other marketing strategies to bring in the other 10 new patients. Never just do one marketing method per month. (Yes, that includes just doing referral marketing!)

And if you want the latest, greatest tax strategy or the best way to adjust a fixated calcaneus, the three products listed above aren’t going to do that for you. They are mainly for marketing solutions , with the occasional bonus that helps in other areas.

These days when I buy a product or service, I’m not looking for a totally packaged solution which will solve all my business problems anymore.  I’m just searching for a tip, a step, a checklist, or a tool that can improve my current results. These things are still worth lots of money to me, and I’ll gladly pay for a small increase in success. But I’m no longer running from one thing to the next, throwing away what didn’t fit my idea of a magic pill.

So don’t think you have to use one product, throw it away, use another, throw it away, and so on. That’s not how success works. To be successful you have to add 1 good strategy, plus another good tool, plus another, etc, etc. The days of using 100% of chiropractic coach A’s methods, while trashing on chiropractic coach B’s methods is over. The chiropractic profession is no longer ruled by cults!