The 7 Chiropractic Internet Marketing Secrets

I recently did a teleseminar for a friend of mine’s subscriber list entitled “Discover The 7 Secrets To Chiropractic Internet Marketing”.

I want to give it to you as way of saying thanks for being a subscriber to my blog.

Here’s just a few of the strategies we covered in this interview…

-How to use email in your marketing plan to get new patients and build rapport with current patients. (If you’re collecting patient’s emails and not using them, you must here this!)

The real strategy to get Google, Yahoo, And MSN to rank your website. (Most web designers have no clue about this one.)

How to use new techonologies and use the advantage of patient’s high speed internet connection to make them feel like they are talking directly with doctor.

The key strategies to use (and the big mistake Doctors make) when using Google Adwords and other pay-per-click ads.

How to get tons of quality visitors to your website using totally FREE traffic methods. (This Dr. revealed many free traffic methods I haven’t even heard of before!)

We cover so much information on the teleseminar, I knew you wouldn’t pick it all up from one quick review. I had it transcribed and edited to give you a document you can refer back to again and again.

This recording is not a sales pitch at all, but rather a guide to focus you on the 7 most important strategies to use online to get more new patients.

You can get the 52 minute audio recording plus full transcript of “The 7 Secrets Of Chiropractic Internet Marketing” for FREE. On Wednesday January the 27 5:oo PM CST I will be emailing the download link for the recording and the transcript out to my email list.

If you’re not yet subscribed, do so before the 5pm deadline tomorrow… you don’t want to miss this one! All you need to do is fill in your first name and email at the right top corner of this page.

When people try to keep you down

Have you ever had people try and keep you from being successful? Enduring through trials in business and life is one of the major keys to success.

I’ll never forget going to over 20 banks to get a business loan, each of them telling me no. One Vice President of a community bank even said “Oh, you’re a chiropractor. Chiropractors just don’t do well in business” with a sad look on his face.

When my practice was struggling, many extended family members were pushing me to declare bankruptcy. One of them even said “You should go to medical school and become a real doctor!”

There will always be people and difficulties in your life that try to discourage you from being successful. How many times in the past year did you run up against a trial and think it was going to be a big struggle to overcome?

But many times these “tests” of character are what sharpen us for greater things…

If not for the banker “feeling sorry for me”, I may not have gotten mad and kept trying until I found a bank loan. If not for my family members insisting I declare bankruptcy when my practice was struggling, I may have not been so “stubborn” and resisted any notion of it.

What do you have to endure in practice?

One chiropractor recently spoke with me about his struggling practice. He said that his patients were complaining about paying for care and were even quitting care because their insurance wasn’t paying correctly.

My answer to this doctor…”Focus on getter better quality new patients so you don’t have to deal with these problems.”

This is why I created The Ultimate Chiropractic Ads. I got sick and tired of seeing chiropractors having to meagerly survive on spinal screenings and other outdated marketing strategies.

Whatever you are struggling with now, you can overcome it. Look for solutions and tools that can help you. It’s likely that someone else has gone through it before you, and now has the answers you need. Find those people and get the answers.

I hope you’ll find many of the answers you seek from this blog and my products (especially if it’s a marketing problem because that’s my purpose for this business). But if I don’t have the answers you need, then keep searching until you find it.

Don’t give up. There’s a reason you are a chiropractor.

The 5 Absolute Ways To Grow Your Practice

What strategies do you really need to focus on to build a bigger and more profitable practice this year?

Most chiropractic coaches and consultants have a specific “thing” they want you to work on. Many want you to work on your “report of findings” procedures. (In fact, most chiro coaches I had spent 90% of their time on ROF’s.) Others focus on retention and patient education.

But when you look at the big picture, there are really only 5 ways to make your practice more profitable in 2009. Small changes in even one of these 5 can make a huge difference in your practice. Change all 5 just 10% and you will see a doubling or even tripling of your practice this year.

1. More New Patients. Sounds simple right. Everyone knows you need more new patients to grow. Yet as simple as it sounds, it’s much more difficult to actually do. Old, rehashed marketing from the Mercedes 80’s is no longer working and many competitive areas make it difficult to market in. However, with laser targeted marketing you can still see huge return on investments. I gave you my 7 major new patient strategies in the last blog post, which you can see by clicking here.

If getting new patients is so important, why aren’t more consultants and coaches giving you tools to make this easier? (Read my recent rant about this entitled “Chiropractic Coaches: Where’s the beef?“)

#2. Better conversions. Once the new patients are in the door, now you have to convert them to some type of recommended care plan. The conversion process in chiropractic starts from the moment they call your office until the day they agree to a care plan and start paying you. Of the “5 Ways to Grow Your Practice” listed, this is the one that gets 90% of the attention in chiropractic circles. Go to any seminar and you’ll see days spent on how to do consultations, exams and reports.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s very important to have a good conversion process, but it is just 1/5 of the equation. Plus, I believe many of the larger “coaching groups” make the conversion process way more complicated than need be (and thereby less effective and more stressful than is necessary.)

#3. Increase the average $/visit. My first two years in practice, I felt like I was collecting good money per visit by converting patients to long term care plans. But one day I woke up and found out I was only collecting $17 per visit on average. No wonder I was about to go out of business. I was infuriated! After 2 years and $20,000 spent on coaching, plus pages of statistics compiled every month, why had I not been taught to look at this number before. Of course the fault was mine, but I never made that mistake again. Within 3 months I was collecting $57 average per visit. Eventually it got up to and stayed around $85-95 per visit.

**Here’s how you figure it. Take all your monthly collections and divide by the number of total visits you see (yes, even those “scholarships”). Ask yourself if you’re happy with that. Ask yourself if it truly values chiropractic. And if you have a coach and he hasn’t made you figure this, you really need to ask yourself why he would ignore such an important number from you.**

#4. Increase the number of visits per patient. You might call this retention or PVA (patient visit average). Many doctors will read this one and think it’s taken care of in step #2. “More conversions” above. However, we both know what you recommend a patient do and what they really do are two different things. That’s not being negative, that’s reality. And the sooner we face reality, the sooner we can do something about it. So, what can you do to ensure that patients follow through with their care plans and maintenance. Patient education? Sure, that’s important. But if you’ve read this blog for very long, you know I like specific action steps…Not broad generalizations like “You need to do more patient education!” or “You have to have more passion, energy and drive!” To increase the number of visits a patient has, you must have a good internal marketing plan where you communicate and build relationships with your patients.

Here are two articles where I gave 8 internal marketing strategies…

7 Internal Marketing Strategies Part 1

7 Internal Marketing Strategies Part 2

#5. Lower expenses. It’s not how much you collect in practice but what you take home that counts. This often overlooked strategy is rarely mentioned at any of the chiropractic seminars I’ve attended. However, it can make a huge difference in your bottom line. Other than taking home more money, by lowering your unnecessary expenses you can have more to spend on marketing. Are you carrying too much debt in your practice? (I recommend the Dave Ramsey plan for wiping out debt.) Spending too much on employees that don’t work? Blowing money on useless marketing that doesn’t produce? Paying too much (aren’t we all) in taxes?

Yes, this is a touchy subject, after all “No one has a right to tell me what to do with my money!”  Maybe that’s why it’s not discussed at seminars. But, by cutting out the “fat”, your practice will be a lean, mean profitable machine.

7 Chiropractic Marketing Solutions For 2009

Some say the recession of 2009 will be around for a long time. Others think it’s going to turn around soon. Regardless of what the future holds, one prediction can be made…

“Those Chiropractors Who Excel At Marketing
Will Be Least Affected By The Economy (And Will Most Likely Prosper)”

Today I’m going to cover seven new patient marketing methods you should be using in 2009. While there are plenty of free ways to market your practice, these 7 deal with paid new patient marketing.

1. Blogs. Blogs are the new websites. They are interactive, change regularly, and are absolutely loved by Google. This means that you can start a chiropractic blog and be at the top of searches on Google. Dr. Walker in Florida started his blog after studying the blogging lesson in my f, and jumped straight to #1 for Google searches on the term “chiropractor” in his area. Just after a few weeks, his new blog even beat his long standing traditional website that was only ranked #4. (There are at least 10 other clinics in his area trying for that #1 spot.)

2. Chiropractic Newspaper Ads. A properly written and laid out newspaper ad can bring in tons of new patients. But most chiropractors do this wrong. They either run a “pretty” and boring brand image ad or they run an outdated and overused ad that came with a kit over 10 years ago. Today’s consumers are much tougher to connect with, and what worked 10 years ago isn’t going to cut it today. Your ads have to connect with the reader emotionally and empathetically. They have to believe you really do care. (This is why I developed The Ultimate Chiropractic Ads.) Newspapers are around to stay, and if you’re not using them you’re missing out on many quality new patients.

3. Email Marketing. Email technology has come a long way. You can now load up a pre-written series of emails and have them go out over time to a prospective or current patient. Because this is all automated, you can set it and basically forget it. The key is writing good emails that actually convince patients to pick up the phone and call. I teach two lessons on this in ChiroMarketing Academy and give two recommendations. To do it yourself, I recommend Aweber’s email system. To have it done for you, I recommend Chiropractic Marketing Web.

4. Referral marketing. Unlike many chiropractic consultants, my systems for getting more referrals has nothing to do with pushing patients to refer, forcing their family to get checked, or any similar procedure. Everyone talks about referrals, but few people actually give you tools or systems that you can use to bring in more. One very simple referral system is mailing a well-written (not pushy!) “stick letter” to new patients. We tracked the stick letter referrals in 2007 and it brought in over $100,000 to my practice that year. You can pick it up as a free bonus to the Ultimate Chiropractic Ads here.

5. Google Adwords. Adwords is Google’s very sophisticated marketing machine. When you search for a keyword on Google, you see ads at the top and down the right side — these are Adwords ads. You bid a certain price to be up near the top, and each time a person clicks the ad and goes to your website you get charged. There is huge, huge potential with Adwords for your practice. Google has almost 80% of the U.S. search market. This means your potential patients are likely using Google every day to learn more about healthcare solutions you offer. But be forewarned — I see a lot of chiropractors screw up on Adwords, wasting a ton of money (and these yellow page services offering to do it for you aren’t much better.) Adwords is easy to set up, but can be difficult to get right. Two of the 24 lessons in ChiroMarketing Academy are focused on Adwords…one basic lesson and one advanced one.

6. Yellow Page Book. Every consultant I’ve ever had said stay out of the yellow pages (not surprising considering the other bad advice they gave me!) But the chiropractor down the street had a full page double spread colored ad in there. Were they just stupid or did they have a reason to be doing this for 10 years? Could it be the consultants just didn’t have a clue what a good ad looked like, so their best advice was to stay away from the yellow pages? People who want a solution today are going to pick up a phone book and find someone to go see immediately. This is especially true for people over 40 — they aren’t going to turn on their computer and search through all the different websites. Once you have the right ad to run, it’s a very smart media to be using. If you know how to do it correctly, you can get a very good response.

7. Telemarketing. Using telemarketing services with a reputable company is such an easy way to get new patients. Some doctors have this misconception that telemarketing is some kind of sleazy way of bringing in new patients. It’s nothing of the sort. One client of mine is getting 10-15 new patients a week from telemarketing, and converting a very large percentage of them to care. Sure the conversions are probably going to be lower than new patients from the strategies I mentioned above, but it’s really return on investment that you should look at. I ran telemarketing campaigns for almost 6 years straight and always made money on them. If you’re interested in the company I worked with that checks the do-not-call lists, makes sure the patients can speak English, and even calls businesses, then leave a comment below.


Chiropractic coaching: Where’s the beef?

Have you ever picked up a chiropractic journal or magazine, and looked at what the consultants/coaches in our profession are selling and teaching?

I recently received a journal and noticed the following terms being used…
-high energy
-high volume
-case fees
-rythmic flow
-“attacking” medicine

You may remember that famous commercial on TV years ago.  The one where the old lady would get the hamburger, look at it kind of funny, and say “Where’s the beef?”

That’s what I wonder about many of these coaching programs. Where’s the beef? Where are the tools and solutions that answer the major problems of growing your practice?

The #1 problem in the chiropractic profession is getting quality new patients. This isn’t a theory, but a fact — lack of marketing tools and strategies keeps more practices from growing than any other factor.

Yet, you’ll be hard pressed to find a single article in a journal or magazine even mentioning this topic. (I’m not opposed to coaching by the way, with the right kind of coach it can be very effective in growing your practice. But I get sick and tired of the half-truths and hyperbole that is preached by most chiropractic coaches!)

Why do consultants have to go to great lengths to teach on the small things in your practice, yet fail to give you considerable strategies and tools to bring in new patients?

I fell victim to this many times in my first 2 years of practice. Hours and hours spent training on a script, report of findings, or specific procedure — only to wonder when the new patients were going to magically appear.

Granted, I should have known something was up when these coaches kept introducing unique terms they had come up with. Even though I was an adult and had been in chiropractic awhile, I never quite understood what or how these terms related to growing a chiropractic practice.

That is why I created this blog. To give chiropractors free information on marketing and advertising their practices. And since the popularity of this site has grown over the past few months, I’ve had more than one chiropractic consultant express their “dissatisfaction” with me giving away this valuable teaching.

This is also why I created The Ultimate Chiropractic Ads. Chiropractors need tools that work in their office…tools they can implement and see results from right away — not next month or next year!

Will you join with me in 2009 and help our profession flourish? Will you focus with me on those things that really matter?

Let’s throw out those fancy terms that aren’t really important in growing a practice. Let’s get right down to the truth of the matter.

Here’s where you’ll find 90% of my blog focus this year…

#1. New patient marketing. I’m going to give you more tools and strategies, free downloads and forms, more information than any consultant will give away.

#2. New patient conversion. Once the new patient is in the office, now we need to convert them to care so they can pay, stay and refer.

#3. Retention. There are many non-forceful strategies that you can use to keep, reactivate, and build relationships with your current patients. (Some consultants teach that you must “force” or “scare” a patient to stay under care. I believe this is unethical.)

If you want to learn how to improve the above three things in your practice, then this is the place to be.

On the other hand, if you’d rather read about unbelievable hype like “How to build a huge, humongous, oversized high volume practice that collects case fees the size of Warren Buffet’s Retirement Fund!!!” , then you know where to find that type of teaching.

Watch Me Open The Recession-Proof Box For Chiropractic Marketing

Are you ready to open the recession-proof box of chiropractic marketing tools?

I was so excited when I got the package myself and tore into the box.

Obviously I knew the information was top notch in The Ultimate Chiropractic Ads, which contains proven chiropractic marketing tools and content. However, I was very excited to see how the fulfillment company had put it all together on the manuals and cd’s.

I even asked my wife to record a “homemade” video of me unpacking the box. (The camera’s a bit wobbly at times as a result of my camerawoman being 7 months pregnant and me asking her to stand still for 10 minutes.)

If you haven’t visited the site, be sure to check it out now…

Click Here To Learn More About The Ultimate Chiropractic Ads

The Ultimate Chiropractic Ads And Contest Winner

It’s time for you to experience a completely done-for-you chiropractic advertising system.

If you’ve been following the blog lately, you know I’ve talked a lot about having a marketing system in your practice. One that’s easy to implement and is effective at bringing in quality new patients.

Check it out now:

And for a limited time, I’m making it an even better deal with 2 launch bonuses.

1. The first 7 doctors that buy get a 30 minute practice marketing consultation with me personally.
2. The first 30 to get the system will receive 16 Lessons of ChiroMarketing Academy — the premier chiropractic internet marketing program.

The Ultimate Chiropractic Ads are plug and play advertising proven to work in competitive areas, even during the current recession. You’ll discover…

-40+ ‘done-for-you’ high-profit ads that bring in a consistent flow of high quality patients
-First-class ads for niche conditions like fibromyalgia, migraines, spinal decompression, carpal tunnel, cold laser, arthritis, and much more
-A reliable marketing plan with multiple unique ads, giving you the ability to run a different one every month for years
-Professional home-care ghostwritten booklets you can customize and use in your report of findings
-Effective ads written by a chiropractor that’s ‘lived in the trenches’ and is now hailed by marketing experts as writing “extraordinary” and “superior copy”… “without hype or exaggeration”

Find out more now:

The Contest Winner…

We had some great entries into the contest. In fact, choosing the winner was tougher than I thought it would be, because there was a very close race for the winner. But I did choose a winner, and it was based on need for the product (although just about every practice needs it) in their practice, but also what I thought they could do with it and how it would change their life.

I chose Jennifer Rozenhart…

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win your contest because we really NEED your product! My sister and I opened our practice one year ago and have been learning all the ins and outs of advertising- at a very high cost!! We would have loved to have your system a year ago! We have been spending time doing screenings with some success, but what we really would love is more time with our families! I have 2 boys who always miss their mommy – between time at the office for adjusting and then the weekend time for screenings. We are fast implementers and take on things full force, we just need the right system to make the maximum impact in our community! We want to serve the families in our community with excellent chiropractic care so they need to know we are here and ready to SERVE!! The system will allow our team to experience greater prosperity and live a higher quality of life. Overall, the system will allow us to reach more people more effectively and allow us to have MORE FUN!! Thanks for this contest and we would make you proud WHEN you pick us!! Thanks!

Congratulations Jennifer! I’ll be contacting you by email shortly.