Chiropractic Marketing And How Patients Think

Have you ever thought about how patients think?

When I first started out in practice, I didn’t really care what patients thought about their health problems. I was the doctor, and I was just going to tell them the “truth” about what was going on and how to fix it.

You can imagine how many patients I “turned off” by doing this.

I’ll never forget what a new patient taught me regarding this attitude.

I was just finishing up the new patient exam and x-rays, when she asked “Well Doc, do you think you can help me?”

I said “Mrs Smith, we’ve had great success with other patients that have had…” and I went on to list many of the problems chiropractic can help with. I think I even mentioned a few of the testimonials in the books we had around the office, and handed her one to look at. I was in a hurry and had the patients stacking up out front.

That’s when she looked at me angrily, and said “Dr. Beck, that’s not what I asked. I asked if you could help me with my problem?”

That’s when it hit me…

Patients want help with their problems! They want to believe you can help them, before they even come in to see you.

They aren’t interested in the history and philosophy of chiropractic.

They don’t care about all the problems you can help or who you’ve helped before them.

I have remembered this lesson every since. She was almost furious that I wasn’t addressing her problem directly. That’s the one question all patients want to know. That’s why the come in to see you!

Now obviously I couldn’t guarantee her I could help her problem. But I could have been more specific about the successes we had with her exact condition in the past. And I could have reassured her that if anyone was capable of helping her, we had the best chances of doing that.

How does this relate to marketing?

Marketing is teaching, telling, showing, persuading people to use your services over anyone else’s. And the best marketing message is one that’s relevant to your prospects.

People are searching for answers to their problems in life. They want a doctor who can help them and they will respond to marketing message that appears customized to them.

You can go on and on about chiropractic, but all they want to know is how you can help them. They want to know “what’s in it for me” (WIIFM). And we can’t assume every potential new patient knows what chiropractic is or how it can help them. Most Don’t!

So when marketing your practice, be sure that you are speaking directly to the person’s problems. Make them believe you are the one that can help. Whether it’s on your website, landing page, newspaper ad, yellow pages, or even on your business card.

For chiropractors with conversion problems, this one thing can make a huge impact. The more specific your marketing is, the more credibility and proof you build to that new patient. So that when they do come in, they are less likely to question your recommendations.

P.S. This of course does not negate using testimonials. It prooves the point you need to make your testimonials specific to the target patient you are marketing too. More on this in a later blog post…

How To Setup A Google Adwords Campaign

Google Adwords should be a part of your chiropractic marketing plan. Adwords are the small ads that run on the right hand side of the page when someone searches on Google.

To setup a campaign, go to

When asked between a starter or standard edition, choose standard. After choosing your language, you will be asked to choose how you will target customers by location. This is very important. Be sure to choose the “customized” selection. This allows you to select a radius around your practice that your ads will show up on. This ensures someone from 500 miles away isn’t clicking your ad and running up your bill with Google.

You’ll then be asked to setup your first ad.

You only get 25-35 characters for four lines of text, two of which are your headline and website address. Here’s the proven formula for your ads:

First line should contain your keyword in a headline type phrase

Second line should be a benefit you offer, for example “Get Rid Of Migraines”

Line three should describe a feature offer, like “Without Drugs Or Surgery”

Line four is your URL, with each word capitalized and using a keyword in your url if possible

The next step is choosing your keywords. These are the words that your ad will show for when people type them into the search engine.

Then you will choose your daily budget. Be sure to set a daily budget that you are comfortable with. But to low because once your daily budget is reached, your ad stops running. And this could be in the most important part of the day.

In the last step, you will be asked to set your maximum cost-per-click. This is the most you will bid on your keywords. This will apply to all the keywords you chose earlier. Later you should set a bid price for each keywords, as the competition will be different.

Now your campaign is ready to go. One last recommendation is to run a test ad against your original. You can do this under the “Ad Variations” tab inside each keyword. Change one line and test it in your campaign.

Included in my upcoming course on Chiropractic Internet Marketing will be video tutorials on how to setup these features, plus many more advanced strategies for Google Adwords. Look for it to be released in a couple of weeks.

Do You Make This Chiropractic Marketing Mistake?

Running a chiropractic practice, you may have said or done something in the past that actually hurt your marketing message. We all have at some point. The lesson is to not continue to make these mistakes over and over.

In an effort to create a tagline or jingle for their practice, many chiropractors come up with some really bad marketing material.

Here are few that I have heard…

“I can’t wait to get my hands on you!”

“We got your backside.”

“We get on your NERVES!”

“We’ll break our back fixing yours!”

“I do my best work behind your back”

While these may sound cute or funny, they only hurt your marketing message. People already are a bit hesitant to see chiropractors. We don’t need to give them other reasons to question their decision to see us.

Can you imagine a dentist, attorney or M.D. saying these lines? Ok, maybe an attorney :)

If my dentist said “I can’t wait to shove my hands in your mouth”, that would be my last appointment to his practice.

And I won’t even go there with the M.D.

Do you think the guy saying “We got your backside” has many married female new patients?

What are some terrible taglines you have heard or seen? Post your comments below.