Ever Heard of Micro-Chrio Marketing?

Ever feel like you are lost in the crowd?  Unseen or forgotten?

Easy to do these days. I think it because people are busy, and stressed, stretched and pushed beyond reason. This is only my opinion of course.  An opinion based on observations.

By this measure anyone would feel lost.  However my point here is when people get busy they push things back, or rearrange schedules so they can get more things done in a day.

For some, the easiest thing to push off the list is a visit to their chiropractor, or worse a visit to any chiropractor to address their symptoms.  After all those nagging headaches are probably just caused by stress.

People tell themselves to get more sleep, exercise more, drink more water.  All those things are important, but a few things to note: a) those things also get pushed back when a person’s schedule is too full, and b) while sleep, exercise and water are all necessary, more often than not, we know there is another reason for those recurring headaches.

So when I asked if you feel lost in the crowd, it was my attempt to empathize with you guys in my profession.

Ever notice how people will usually share their health issues during a conversation, especially if they know you’re a chiropractor.  Sadly they don’t really “know” what you do.

Of course you’re concerned for them and  kindly suggest they make an appointment to find the cause of their symptoms.  When you do this one of four things usually happen, their eyes glaze over, they find an excuse not to come in (too busy), they smile and say they’ll think about it or they take your card and really make an appointment.

See my point?  It’s easy to feel lost or forgotten. Easy to feel invisible, sometimes even avoided.

But it’s okay.  This isn’t a post about feeling sorry for myself or my colleagues, and I’m not ranting.  Like I said, this a just my way of empathizing with you.  And also to help you tap into a over looked market with your chiropractic advertising.

Now I’m not suggesting you carry an ad around with you everywhere you go, but then that might not be a bad idea.  Maybe not the actual chiro ad you’ve just ran in the newspaper, but what about an ad the size of a business card?

Before you ask me how to get all of the content from a chiropractic ad onto a business card, need I remind you that a few words can make a huge impact.  If anything, a few words can surely entice, stir emotions and peek curiosity.  Do you need a call to action?  like say an offer?  Not necessarily.

The back of your business card is prime real estate for a small chiropractic ad. Plenty of room to give reference to some of the conditions that are treated in your office.

  • Migraine Headaches
  • Numbness and Tingling (arms, hands, legs & feet)
  • Low Back Pain / Sciatica
  • Fibromyalgia

If you offer products and or supplements in your office, include a one time discount for supplements or offered products, applicable after first visit.  By adding a discount or a free sample, your business card suddenly becomes valuable to the recipient, they won’t be so quick to dismiss it either.

Try it, you’ll be surprised how much information you can fit on a 3.5″ x 2″ business card.

I like to call this micro-chiro marketing on the basis that it is targeting a smaller audience, just you and the person you are talking to. And it’s just fun to say.

When you hand them your card, make sure you point out the information on the back and encourage them to use the discount.   Encourage them to call and speak with your CA, telling them his or her name, this makes it personal.  Tell them that you will be alerting your staff about them calling in to make an appointment for their condition.

This is not high pressure sales, it’s quick and simple way to convert a conversation into a new patient.  There is no pressure, but yet you have empowered them with your confidence in them that they will call.

Another benefit to having a small chiropractic ad on your business cards is when you are networking. Typically this involves trading business cards with other professionals in your networking group, having your small yet powerful ad on the back of your card will only expand your reach to others and at a fraction of cost.

Now it won’t be so easy to feel lost in the crowd, pushed back or forgotten because you have a great marketing tool literally at your finger tips. And it won’t cost you big bucks, there is no screening involved, it will only cost you a few minutes and the use of your charming personality.

The only draw back might be tracking ROI, however this can still be done if your staff will notate the patient set their appointment via the business card.



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Back to School Marketing Opportunities for Chiropractors

It’s that time of year again…Back to School marketing is in full swing.  So what are you waiting for?

This time of year offers chiropractors several opportunities to get out into the community and spread the word about the benefits of chiropractic.  Here are just a few that came to mind this morning while enjoying my cup of coffee.

Right now is the perfect time to educate your patients and the community about the risks of backpack injuries.

Rolling backpacks offer a healthier solution for students who must carry large text books to and from class, however there are those who still use the backpacks.   I realize that many schools have moved toward the digital age and many schools have gone the route of supplying tablets to their students, but college students still tote books on their backs across campus.  Textbooks have not been replaced completely, therefore tossing several large books in a back pack and slinging it over the shoulders puts a lot of strain on the spine.  Add bad posture and incorrect positioning of the backpack that can weigh as much as 15 to 20 lbs….can you spell s.u.b.l.u.x.a.t.i.o.n?

What are some signs of injury from carrying a backpack incorrectly?  Would you recognize the signs of backpack injuries? 

These are great questions to post on your chiropractic website, Facebook page or tweets, if you’re into social media. If not, get a whiteboard set up in your office at the front desk and write those questions.  Have some referral cards ready to hand out to your patients when they stop to ask for the answers.  You would be amazed how many people don’t know that students can suffer from numbness and tingling in their arms and legs due to lugging a backpack around.

It is also helpful to have posters in and around your office, showing a comparison between the incorrect and the correct way to wear a back pack.  Also, have a full backpack in your office so that parents can know what their kids are carrying on their backs, then have the student try on the sample and show both the parent and the child the proper way to wear the backpack.  And while I don’t love the idea of clinics and group lectures, this would be one I could get behind.

Bad posture while sitting – If it were possible it would be best to have standing stations instead of desks.  I know, it’s not realistic and it is a fact that people have bad posture while standing too.  Sitting correctly at a desk is not a skill that is taught in the classroom, however I do know that younger students are told to face forward, feet in front, eyes on the teacher.  This is helpful, until they are in older grades and slouching is the cool thing to do.

To help get parents on the path to wellness for their kids, keep them updated on the services your practice can offer their child.  For instance, many parents may not realize that their chiropractor can perform a sports physical too.   In fact I’ve heard that many schools have a chiropractor on campus during team physical day, where all of the athletes who are on the team will get their physicals done in the field house.  And then I’ve been told that schools now have a team chiropractor at the games.  Great idea, not only for the chiropractic profession, but for those players who might need immediate attention for an injury.

Full Contact Sports – (Football, Soccer, Basketball, Wrestling, Martial Arts) – For obvious reasons, the students that participate in these sports, should be in for regular adjustments, unfortunately that is not always the case.  I really don’t need to go into details as to why these athletes need regular chiropractic visits, but I can tell you that this a great opportunity for chiropractic marketing even if it’s just in your office, which I hope it’s not.  Placing a condition specific chiropractic ad in your town newspaper is not only opportunistic, it’s just smart marketing.

What about all the other sports students are involved in?

High Impact Sports – (Tennis, Baseball, Track, Cross Country, Volleyball, Band, Cheer, Drill Team, Gymnastics, Dance, Ballet, Aerobics, Weightlifting) – While physical exercise is important for all people, our culture seems to take sports to a higher level.   And while the sports listed above are not listed as contact sports, this does not lessen the level of competition, nor does it lessen the wear and tear on a young person’s joints and spine.    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, these students should also be in for regular chiropractic adjustments.

If you already own the Ultimate Chiropractic Ads, use some of those condition specific ads like the numbness and tingling, or headache and modify it for students and young athletes.  Get your chiropractic ad in the newspaper while all the back to school ads are pulling readers.    Also, talk to your current patients about their kids and explain the importance of chiropractic adjustments for their children.

If you support a charity, this could is a great time to collect school supplies for that charity too.





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