Boost Your Social Media Marketing with Hashtags #chiropracticmarketing

hashtag 750 300x300 Boost Your Social Media Marketing with Hashtags #chiropracticmarketingLast week I wrote about the importance of hashtags in your social networking.  Are they really important, do they really work, and how do they work?  If you missed that post, you can find it here.

Because the last post ran long, I only covered a couple of social media sites that commonly use hashtags, Twitter being the one site that uses hashtags to stream trending topics to their members.   I also touched on Facebook and concluded that hashtags are used, but they do not work on FB as they do on Twitter.

In fact to actually be found in searches on Facebook, all you really need is a page set up for your practice.  Of course you will need to do a few things when setting up your page to help potential patients find you, basically having the name of your practice as your Facebook page will work, but through our searches we found that using the word “chiropractor” along with the name of the town your practice is located, is much more effective for those who are searching for a chiro in their area.

I also shared my opinion about all chiropractors having a Facebook page and a Twitter page, regardless if you use them, which I think you should from time to time, but at least take advantage of those free marketing venues.

Google + believe or not is still hanging in there, while not as popular as FB, it is a great place to set up a page. Of course you will need to begin with a account, but after that is established your next step is to fill out your Google + profile and then set up a business page.  We can look further into that in another post, for now I can tell you that hashtags are used on Google + but you don’t really need them in your status updates to be found on a Google search.  If you have a business page set up in Google + your practice will show up in a search for local chiropractors.

Another site that uses hashtags is Pinterest.  If you’ve not taken the time to look at this site you’ll want to see these Pinterst statistics we found.  Notice what gender uses Pinterest the most?   80% are women, 9 million Pinterest users have their accounts connected to Facebook, which means when you open a Pinterest account for your practice and then you post content and photos that others want to share, think of the how many times a photo with your practice information could be shared on pinned? Not just once but over and over again.

And the best part is you don’t really need any of your information on the photo, although you should watermark it with your practice name. And of course #chiropractic or #somecitychiropractor or maybe if you want to attract patients with some condition specific chiropractic ads like #fibromyalgia or #migraineheadaches, you can do that too.

I’m telling you this is not a site to be ignored, especially when you see the very last statistic; the most popular destination of Pinterest users clicking through pins; BLOGS! That just re-enforces my opinion that all chiropractic websites need a blog.

Now onto another site that is unbelievably popular; Instagram or IG for those more savvy users.  This is also free just like all the other social sites, but this one is different because it is a mobile app, it also uses photos as eye candy for it’s users.  Really easy to use since most people have their phone with them everywhere they go. You just snap an interesting photo and load it on IG with or without a comment, after all some pictures are worth 1000 words right?  But you’ll want to use those hashtags because they will pay off.  You see Intagram has a really cool explore tool and if you are looking for people to follow or find like say… a chiropractor?  then you just add that #yourtownchiropractor and you’re covered.  You can even find DC Practice Tools on Instagram.

So I said in my last post that you would be shocked to read where else hashtags proved to be useful, are you ready for this?

Yep my assistant must love to rummage through social media sites looking for chiropractors because she found this too is a site you should think about setting up a page, and hashtags did play a role on this site too.

In summary; hashtags are important, should be used and do work on most if not all social media sites and prove to be a vital chiropractic marketing tool for your practice.  Also, of all the sites I covered, all of them are free to use.  Of course if you want to pay for advertising or PPC campaigns on these sites, that is always an option, but start with the free benefits first.

As interesting as all this is, are you aware that if you set up an account on just one of these sites per day, you would have increased your marketing power exponentially, simply because everywhere you are online is how you’ll be found in an online search.

Find and Follow on: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn

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Are Hastags Really that Important in Social Marketing? #chiropracticmarketing

Hashtags. Some find them annoying. Many find them useful.

Yes they are overused at times or even misused, but to never use them? I’ll reserve judgement on that.

Are hashtags really important?

Yes they are, but they are also overused and have become more of a way to express a person feelings or state of mind, rather than being used for cataloging topics, for which they were designed to do.  Hashtags have sort of become the new “quotation” sign.  Only people can’t really make a hashtag sign with their fingers, so you might overhear people saying things like; “the neighbor’s dog barked all night long. Hashtag, annoying!”

Annoying is right, but this trend will pass eventually.  However, the use of hashtags and their intended use will not fade away like many trends do.  There is a need for them and if used correctly they can improve your chiropractic marketing and greatly improve your chances of people finding you on various social sites.

You might find this hard to believe, I know I did, but there are those who search for local services on sites like Pinterest, Instagram as well as Twitter, Facebook and Google+, and to go one step further my assistant even tested Tumblr on a whim, just to see if she could find a chiropractor.  You will be shocked to read what she found when running searches on these sites.

She included hashtags with several searches on each site and then she also did searches without the hashtags but she also used specific keywords.

As you would probably assume, hashtags where extremely helpful on Twitter.  Since this seems to be where it all started in 2007.

“…the hashtag was successfully pitched to the online community as a way to organize messages into meaningful groups. Hashtags have since been embraced by users worldwide as a way to classify the often-frantic exchange of thoughts and information on the social networking site.” ~History of Hashtags

As thought from the beginning, the hashtag on Twitter continues to channel tweets into categories making it easier to find specific trends and topics.  Example: #chiropractor in our test or the # followed by the name of a city, town or location and then the word chiropractor.  What she found was that the hashtag does channel specific terms such as conditions; neuropathy, fibromyalgia and others.  However as long as the chiropractor has the city where their practice is located along with the word chiropractor, this seemed to be a great way to locate a chiropractor in a specific area.

So if you want to be found on Twitter, post tweets with your city and the word chiropractor with or without a hashtag and you will be found.  If you treat conditions or use therapy such as decompression or laser, you might want to use a hashtag, but it’s not necessary as the search will pull up the tweets that have that word or term in them.

When searching for chiropractors on Facebook, there was no need for a hashtag.  By typing in the name of the city or town, followed by the word chiropractor in the search bar, a list appears below the search area, by opting to expand the list a person can see all the chiropractors in that city who have a Facebook page.

So if you want to be found on Facebook, you need to set up that business page so you can be found by those who might want to find a chiropractor by searching on Facebook.  This is a very simple thing to do, so simple that my assistant was shocked that there weren’t more chiropractic business pages.  Especially since any browser search will also index the Facebook pages.  This just gives you more exposure in any browser search.

Since this is running long, I’m going to break this up into two posts.  But you’ll want to stay tuned because you aren’t going to believe where we found the highest number of results during this hashtag test.

As I wrap this up I also want to stress to those chiropractors that might not have a website yet, to set up accounts on several social sites.  Believe it or not, there are many chiros who do not have a chiropractic website.  If you are one of those, you especially should have both a Twitter account and a Facebook page regardless if you use them or not.  It only takes one tweet or status update a day to keep you in the race to be seen by a potential patient.  #inmyhumbleopinion

continue to Part Two of this post

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