Summer Marketing Momentum Builders

Summer is normally a slow time for a chiropractic practice so it might seem practical to shift your marketing and advertising into low gear.   Vacations, camps and time spent on various activities keep people busy.  Especially moms with kids at home.

But anytime you press pause you set yourself up for a loss, that loss might be the positioning you’ve built up over time.  Like when you pause a CD in your car, if paused too long the CD goes back to the beginning.  Mine actually ejects the CD if paused to long, then I have to start from the beginning or try to find where I left off, even if I do manage to get back to part where I left off, my mind has already forgotten what I had listen to.

Also when you stop forward progress you loose momentum. Imagine a train, how it seems to move quickly once it gets going.  But have you seen how long it takes to get to going from a dead stop?

Think of your marketing efforts the same way; when you take a break or hit pause; your marketing looses momentum and often so much is lost that you go back to square one and build that momentum again.  Getting back up to speed is time consuming and costly.

I know some might question, is it profitable to run a chiropractic ad if people don’t see it?  Well no it’s probably not, but you take a huge risk when making assumptions so grand as thinking everyone has gone off the grid and won’t see a newspaper over summer.  Rarely people leave for all three months of summer.  To stop marketing would be a mistake.

Granted summer days are slower than other times of the year.  So a more slow but steady build in your chiropractic advertising is something to consider.

A simple way to build your marketing momentum during the summer is gearing your chiropractic marketing toward the younger patients.

Building off of your current list of active patients, how many of them have children?  How many have never brought their children in for a chiropractic exam?   One thing that is safe to assume is that a good percentage of your patients either have children or know children who would benefit from chiropractic care.  It’s our job to make sure parents know their children can and should see a chiropractor.

Take advantage of direct mail marketing by using one of the marketing letters found in the Ultimate Chiropractic Ads package, format the letter to get children in for a summer health check up.  The exam can be free and during the report of findings, kids can be given their very own health card.  Much like the punch cards for movies or reading programs offered through the city library, every time your new younger patients come in for their appointment, they get their card stamped.  Once they reach a certain amount of visits, they can be rewarded.  This reward could be as simple as selecting a toy from the official ChiroToy Chest or even a coupon for an ice cream or snow cone at a neighborhood shop.

Another way to increase patient appointments through referral marketing this summer is to encourage your patients to tag your practice Facebook page whenever they post their vacation photos on their Facebook timeline.  “Vacation was great but I can’t wait to get back in to see my favorite Chiropractor @……” Points are earned for every time a person tags your page.  At the end of the summer, the person with the most tags earns a gift card.  The person with the most referrals might earn a nice dinner for two, compliments of their favorite chiropractor.

It’s best to continue with a steady stream of newspaper ads over the summer months, but you can even punch up the call to action a little by offering an exam for a bag of groceries.  The local food banks don’t see as many donations during the summer months.

Don’t be tempted to slow down or hit pause on your chiropractic marketing this summer, instead go slow and steady, and get your marketing calendar filled out for the fall and winter months so when appointments do start picking back up again your marketing will be ready to ramp up too.

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