What’s Trending in Chiropractic Marketing?

What’s trending today?  I can tell you it’s not what was trending yesterday and there will be new trends tomorrow.

Here’s a trend for you, the televison news follows what’s trending on social media then broadcasts as if they broke the story. It’s not what is happening in the daily life of people like you and me, but what is trending across the web.  So it makes me wonder if the news we watch or listen to, is really all that relevant to our needs.

What ever happen to current events.  They’ve become “what’s trending” but not “what’s relevant”.

I get the feeling the social media trends are what news stories are focused on.  This makes for a very bland mix of news, and you would think the advertisers who pay high dollars for these slots of time would figure out that most people don’t really need to watch their news because what they are broadcasting is old news since it’s already been trending on sites like Twitter and Facebook before it becomes “the news”.

It almost makes you wonder if this is one of those “what came first” scenarios.  Was it the chicken or the egg?  So does the news break the story first and social media picks it up and then it starts trending or do social media trends set standard for the nightly news?

It’s probably a little bit of both, but I still wonder why people are so focused on what is trending all over social media, rather than what is going on in their own backyards.

If trending is so “hot” these days, you might think your chiropractic practice should be marketing towards the trends. I mean that would seem reasonable to some I guess and in a way I can understand how that might be effective for a time.  But to focus all chiropractic marketing based on current trends would be expensive and exhausting as trends change by the hour.

Don’t get me wrong, there are trends in the chiropractic profession that need to be followed, however pointing all your marketing towards what is trending on Twitter or Facebook would be futile, one because what is trending on social media changes all the time, hence the term “trending” and two because your targeted audience doesn’t care if you are current on social trends.  They care more about what you can do for them.

Sciatica, back pain, knee pain, numbness, tingling, shooting pains, headaches, neuropathy…those are the trending issues chiropractic marketing should be based on.

My support staff is asked daily; are the ads in the Ultimate Chiropractic Ads marketing package new or are they the same ads that have been in the package all this time?

And the answer is; Yes.

First, the ads package is still jam packed with the same condition specific ads that focus on the same issues that have been plaguing people forever. Conditions will never change, trends change, conditions don’t. New conditions do develop, but I’ll cover that in a minute.   Secondly, the ads are new to those who have not bought the ad kit yet.

Now, you might wonder if there are conditions that are more marketable than others, and I would have to say yes. This brings me back to what I mentioned earlier, there are trending conditions in the chiropractic world and those are the trends you should capitalize on.

Present day chiropractic trends would include; #kneepain, #neuropathy, #weightloss, #laser, #headaches or #migraines.    However, with all of the texting and mobile networking going on, I would imagine the next biggest trend in chiropractic will be #neckpain, #shoulderpain and #carpaltunnelsyndrome.

Since we are on the subject of trends; here are a few trending questions…

Can all of the conditions and therapies mentioned in this post, be found in the Ultimate Chiropractic Ads?  Yes.

Are the ads outdated? No.

Are newspaper ads still a viable form of marketing? Yes.

Can the ads be used in other types of marketing? Absolutely.

Can the ads be edited? Yes.

Do the ads work in other countries? Yes.  They are available and sold worldwide.

Are there any newly written ads? Yes.  There are newly written ads located in the Ultimate Ad Club.

The ads don’t age because conditions don’t change…unless everyone everywhere begins chiropractic care.  This we know hasn’t happened yet, but it could become a trend and then it will be in the news and we can all celebrate.





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