New Year’s Resolutions, Goals and a Bucket List

While shopping last week, I overheard a store employee ask another; “what is your New Year’s resolution?”   His response was that he didn’t do resolutions.  It seems many think the same way.  Over the years, the tradition of resolutions has waned.

Instead people are now choosing to set goals.  I think that’s great, I’m all for setting goals. I encourage my family and employees to set goals.

I think there is room for both resolutions and goals.  The two can actually go hand in hand.

Take the most common New Year’s resolutions; getting in shape and living a healthier lifestyle.

If a person sets a goal along with that resolution like losing 20 pounds,  now they have a reason to stay on track and not fail. After all, in most cases that is why people don’t want to share their resolutions for the New Year, the fear of failing to stay true to their declaration.  However, if over the coarse of this next year they lose that 20 pounds, there must have been some exercise involved and a change in eating habits. Therefore they kept their resolution and met their goal.

I believe people have good intentions and really want to stay true to their resolutions, but I also think they might bite off more that they can handle. This can happen with goals too.  Setting lofty goals is noble, but if the goal is unreachable then failure is inevitable.

Instead try to set reasonable goals.  I also think you should have a reward set once the goal is met.  Rewarding yourself helps with motivation and it promotes encouragement from others.

For your practice, expecting your staff to set goals also promotes teamwork.   You should also set goals for your staff and to help motivate them to stay on task, go ahead and let them know what reward they will be working towards when their goals are met.

As for you, the boss/the chiropractor/colleague/spouse/parent…you wear a lot of hats and that can make goal setting interesting.  You of course need to set your own goals, professional and personal.

Maybe you have toyed with the thought of a New Year resolution for your practice, like you plan to ramp up your marketing in 2015. Or another will begin marketing in the New Year.   The goal  will be to do some type of marketing each month.  This might include more chiropractic advertising, social networking, business networking and even online marketing.

There are many areas to expand your marketing, so you can see how declaring a resolution to increase marketing might seem a little ambiguous.  But if you make a list of tangible marketing goals you can define your resolution and begin working through those goals one at a time. A word of warning;  be careful not to set more goals than you can manage.  Or better yet, allow your staff to help you achieve some of your goals by assigning them a few.  In fact delegating could be your top goal.

We all see the New Year as a fresh start and see this as a time to make a change for the better.   So take advantage of this fresh start, set some goals, reward yourself and don’t forget to plan for future goals.  A bucket list will help keep track of goals yet to come.

A bucket list isn’t necessarily an interest so lofty as climbing Mt. Everest, instead your’s might include expanding your practice, adding some new therapies, such as decompression, laser, a massage therapist, or whatever your dream practice might include.

Share your resolutions, set your goals, achieve those goals and reap the rewards, and don’t forget to dream up those future goals, start your bucket list today.


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How to Squeeze More Marketing Out of Your Money

If only it were that easy…right?  Getting more for your money is a skill we wish came more naturally to us.  But there are those who really try to get all they can out of something before moving on to something newer.

We live in a instant gratification/disposable world.  We buy it today and want it yesterday or we use something for awhile then toss it when we think the item doesn’t suit us anymore or when we get tired of it. Usually when something newer or shinier dances before our eyes.

Sometimes though, our urge to purge for a newer product isn’t entirely our fault.

Upgrades can only go so far and the technology reaper comes a knocking.  Maybe I’m buying into the whole conspiracy theory just a bit, I suspect our cell phones work slower whenever a newer phone series is released.  And of course even if your phone works fine for what you need, it won’t for long because your older phone will no longer be able to load the updates needed to keep it in working condition.  I digress…

You’re wasting your money if you don’t read, learn, explore and use the whole product 

One way to get more for your money is to know all there is to know about what you buy.  Pretty much everything, except for food and clothing, can offer you more than what you bought it for.

A great example is buying a car.  Newer cars have a lot of great gadgets on them. Backup alarms to tell you is someone or something is behind you, navigation systems, heated seats (gotta love that one) and some even talk to you.

So what if you get this newer car and all you do is drive, never using all of the other great systems that it’s equipped with.  You might enjoy your new ride, but you really would not be getting your money’s worth out of it.  You see… you paid for a car with some pretty cool gadgets, but if you don’t use them or even know about them, you aren’t enjoying the “whole” experience.

Or maybe you get a new camera, one of those really fancy ones.  Not just the point and shoot, but the big daddy of cameras with multiple lenses and even more settings. Of course you can take a picture right away, but if you read the manual and learn how to use at least some of the settings, you will definitely be enjoying your new camera a lot more and your photos will be a step up from novice.

The more you know about something the more you get out of it

Bottom line, you get more for your buck if you know everything there is to know about what you bought.  And you will enjoy your purchase a lot more too.

Do you know that I have clients who have bought the Ultimate Chiropractic Ads kit and have only used the ads?

I don’t tell you this to shame anyone or judge, but only to help you see there is so much more to this product than some of you know.

Sure the ads are great.  They work, they’re proven, they are workhorses as far as chiropractic ads go.  But the ad kit itself has so much more to offer.

For instance, the instruction manuals.  Just like the manuals that come with a car, camera or any other electronic toy, the instruction manual will give you the information on how to use the ads for more than newspaper advertising.  Yes, I’m telling you that reading the tips and suggestions in the manuals will help you get more for your money, which means you will probably see a  higher return on your investment.

Another thing to note, is the marketing letters that come with the chiropractic ads. Because of the success I had with those letters, I can’t imagine someone not even trying at least one of them.  That’s why I included them in the package, because there is more to marketing than just placing an ad in the paper.

Then there are the health reports that can be used several different ways in your practice, even if you just use them as a supplement to your patient care plan.  Printed and handed out during a patient’s report of findings is just one way, but one of my clients actually had them printed and bound had them for sale at his front desk.

Now that’s what I call squeezing more marketing out of your money!


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