Marketing Your Practice; What’s in it For You?

Before we delve into the question, what’s in it for you…first ask yourself; do you want to build a practice?  Because if you don’t then we stop here.

But if you do want to build your practice you have to use a marketing strategy.

You’re probably thinking; here we go.  He’s going to talk about using chiropractic ads and then go on and on about how they bring in high quality new patients and how to create a flow of new patient traffic through the door.

It is true that chiropractic advertising is one way to build your practice, because it does all those things and more.  But, there is more to this crazy thing called marketing.  Have you ever considered that getting those new patients in the door is the easy part. Keeping those patients, now that is a marketing skill some chiropractors and their staff need a little help with.

Does that sound a little harsh?

Well it’s true.  Even when I was in practice, we had shelves of inactive patients.  Oh sure, some moved away, but really they just fell of the grid and their files were left to gather dust in our filing closet.  Could they have been reactivated by a clever marketing campaign, something better than calling them several times until they were ignoring our calls?   I’d like to think so, because that was what prompted the patient reactivation letter.

This too is found in the chiropractic ads kit that I market to chiropractors.  In fact there are several marketing letters that I encourage you to use repeatedly if you already have that ad kit.

If you don’t have the ad kit, don’t loose hope, you can still use this simple marketing technique. Write up a sincere and personal reactivation letter to your long lost patients.  Print it out, sign it…yes, I said sign it with your signature so the long lost patient sees that this isn’t just a form letter printed out and stuck in an envelope, but it’s more of a kind gesture of asking the patient how they are doing and we would love to get scheduled to come in for a re-exam, just to see how things are going for them.  Include a page of testimonials, hand address the envelope and mail it.

Now, what if you don’t hear back from the patient? Well to quote a very popular song…Let It Go!

But if they do call in, and you will have some that do call just to see what’s in it for them, be sure your staff knows to thank them for calling and praise them for taking time to call in. Hopefully you added a call to action in that letter and you know it’s that whole human nature and curiosity thing.

Don’t scold them, they already know they were gone too long, why do you think they never came back?

They are fully aware that they walked out the door one day and never returned.  For some for it was money reasons and some just from being too tired or too busy, others just got lazy.  Just like the whole “join the gym and work out” phase people go through every New Year.  They loose their motivation, especially when their pain has subsided.

Well, they are back now so extend them some grace.  Now do we need to talk about whats in it for you?

That should already be evident…Spend a little time pulling some marketing letters together and reactivate the long lost patients, they might be so happy that you cared enough to check on them, that they will tell all their friends on Facebook.  Now they all want to be your patients.

What’s in it for you?  The improved health of another human being, the chance to build a practice through reactivation and referrals, and the best part, this type of marketing is really low cost.

By the way, if you’re not a letter writer…you can always buy the ad kit and then you’ll have several ready to use.

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What IF You Stopped Marketing Altogether?

Do you ever just want to stop? Just take a break from marketing. It’s expensive, time consuming and at times, just really frustrating.

So what if you just stopped? Took a break from all types of marketing, what would that look like?

Well let’s see, first we need to address why you do any type of marketing at all. I would say the most important reason is to bring in new patients. Without new patients, the growth of your practice is stunted.

Basically that would be like damning up a river. No water means no nourishment for the life in and around the river. Fish, plants and other animals that depend on that water source for survival, would die once the river dried up.

So you could say that chiropractic marketing is like a life source to your practice. If deprived of this source, would your practice survive?

Another reason you would actively market your practice is to share a need. This is why condition specific chiropractic ads work better that the ads that focus on the doctor or the practice. People don’t really need to know that there is another chiropractor in town, but they do need to know where to go to get help for their migraine headaches or numbness and tingling in their arms and hands.

There is a need for people to have knowledge about the conditions they live with so they can make informed choices for their healthcare. Giving people information about alternative treatments, a wellness program, non surgical and drug free options is a very legitimate reason to actively market your chiropractic business.

What about staying in front of your competitors?  Well, I guess there are no competitors if your’re not in the marketing race.  All of the other chiropractors in your area will likely continue their own form of marketing and gladly accept that there is one less chiropractor to worry about.

After looking at why you do any kind of chiropractic marketing, it’s pretty obvious why you shouldn’t take a break from marketing.

But there are more reasons, like loss of momentum.   A moving object can increase momentum faster than one that is standing still.  This is the same for your practice.  Staying on course in your marketing plan, regardless of the dips in ROI, keeps the marketing momentum at a steady pace.

Every business goes through these slow seasons.  Your practice is not exempt from this either.

So instead of taking a break, maybe switch gears.  If one form of marketing isn’t pulling results like it has in the past, maybe try another form of marketing for a time.

Other form of marketing for chiropractic would include online marketing.  Some of you are doing this with Goggle adWords already, but there have many docs getting great results from Facebook ads.

But one form of marketing that should never take a break or slow down is referrals.  Networking with your patients for referrals of family members and friends is the best practice building marketing around.

Encourage your patients to share their chiropractic experience through testimonials, friends and family incentives, and quarterly wellness presentations.

There are so many forms of marketing to use.  Not all forms need to be done continually.  If running chiropractic ads in the newspaper is not bringing it the best ROI at this time, don’t stop everything. Look into direct mail marketing, email marketing and online marketing.  You can even use the chiropractic ads you’ve used for print advertising.

We’ve all been there.  Marketing is not always fun, not always profitable, it’s not even what you are trained to do.  But to stop marketing completely?

“Without promotion, something TERRIBLE happens…NOTHING!” ~ PT Barnum


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