How to Improve Your Email Marketing

email 300x228 How to Improve Your Email Marketing Email marketing might not send hoards of new patients into your practice, but it should definitely be part of your chiropractic marketing.

For one thing, emails are much easier to share with others by forwarding or sharing on social media.

Here is an interesting statistic for you to consider; mobile devices drive 66% of email opens .  Wow, who do you know that owns a mobile device?  or a better question would be;  who doesn’t own a mobile device?

I’ll bet most of you are reading this post on a mobile phone or tablet.

That one statistic alone should be enough to move email marketing into to a higher position on your marketing planner.

Here’s what I think drives chiropractors away from using email to attract more patients;

  • Don’t think they have the time
  • Don’t have the right platforms set up to capture email addresses
  • Lack of marketing materials
  • Assumes email marketing doesn’t work
  • Don’t want to annoy people

Mobile devices will not be leaving us anytime soon and with more and more people using their mobile devices for work, play and interact with others, maybe it’s worth your time to take a second look at setting up some type of marketing with email.

Planning is important.  Set aside some time to map it out.

Frequency is important to consider.  Should you do once a week, bi weekly or once a month?  If you think of emailing like watering plants, too much water, root rot.  Not enough water, plants will wilt, wither and die.  Moderation and fresh content are important factors. For example; if the extent of your email campaign is a newsletter, then once a month is a perfect fit.  You can always add a few more emails throughout the month with an occasional health or exercise tip and of course to keep current patients up to date on holiday closings and promotions.

Subject matter needs to be thought out.  Newsletters packed with chiropractic health and wellness tips, nutrition, fitness and healthy life style choices are perfect for email marketing. If you are using chiropractic ads in your marketing, these can also be used in emails.  It’s also great if you have a way for your contacts to share your monthly newsletters with their contacts or share on their social media choice.

Special offers or referral opportunities are great for email marketing

Great eye catching photos should be part of your plan. Attractive and eye catching stock photos that reflect the perks of chiropractic are inexpensive and great for setting up the opportunity to have your readers share the photos on Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ or Facebook. Once you purchase your photos you should watermark the photos with your practice name or better yet your chiropractic website address.

Providing an option to unsubscribe is a must.  You will have people who won’t want to receive your emails anymore, too many emails stress people out, unfortunately they may choose to let you go when they feel overwhelmed by a full inbox. Try to find a email company that offers subscription options, such as a once a month newsletter, but maybe stop all other notifications from your office.

Avoid Making These Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Maybe you have already set up your practice marketing to include emails.  Here are some issues that should be avoided;

Emailing more than more than once a week. I’ve been on the receiving end of companies that send daily emails, sometimes multiple emails in one day, it’s a drag. If you have appointment reminders, birthday wishes, thank you notes and reactivation notices set up to go out as emails, you risk making people cranky.

Leaving your recipient list open for others to see. Huge no-no.  The last thing you want to do is violate a persons email privacy.  All recipient lists should be invisible to other readers. This will be avoided when you use an autoresponder company like Plus it is so much easier for your staff to create an email campaign then hit the send button and your message is safely sent out, and you have analytics to track how many emails are seen, read and if there are links in the email, you can track how many clicks went through.

Overuse of all mobile devices. Use one form of communication, email, sms or phone for appointment reminders, birthday’s and reactivation notices. I knew someone who’s dentist office over stepped the limits of communicating with his patients. There were four people in the family seeing the one dentist, therefore  multiple emails, text messages and phone calls for each family member were sent out, several times. Needless to say they no longer see that dentist, for this and other reasons, but the dentist didn’t remove their names from their lists, so from time to time they still get messages. That is known as communication overkill and it’s deadly for your contact list.

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3 Ways to Get More Out of Your Chiropractic Ads

If you have used chiropractic ads, you probably already know that not all attempts to pull in new patients with ads alone will yield great results. To further confuse the issue some docs can’t keep up with all the new patients their newsprint ads bring in, while others struggle with receiving a phone call in response to an ad.  So for one to say that newsprint ads don’t work anymore would be a false statement because for a lot of chiropractors, newspaper ads work great.

For those who have not seen the greatest results from their attempts with newsprint ads, frustration and the urge give up will be a stumbling block.

There are other ways to advertise using the same chiropractic ads, but there are also some simple things that can be done to get your ads seen and motivate prospective patients to call and make an appointment.

One is to offer a free gift to those who call and show up for their first appointment.  You don’t have to spend a large sum of money to make this work.  In fact, for those of you who own the Ultimate Chiropractic Ads, you might not realize you have a great marketing tool included in your kit that is perfect for this offer; it’s a home care report.

In fact there are 4 pre-written home care reports the the UCA basic edition.  These home care booklets are ready to use, all you have to do is add your name,  print them out and hand them out.  The reports can also be printed out at an office supply store and assembled, spiral bound with a nice cover for a nominal fee.  Your offer can now include; “First 15 will receive a free home care report.”  

Adding a coupon to an ad has proven to be a great marketing tool as well.  For some odd reason, people like to clip coupons.  Instead of the typical reduced rate offer in your ad, create a coupon to fit into the ad.  This is easy enough to do by inserting a text box where the offer is located in the ad.  Of course you will need to remove the text in the ad where you would typically see the offer.  You can place the coupon there or at the end of the ad.  The coupon will essentially be the same as the offer usually found within the ad, however by placing the offer in the coupon area, the offer is no longer buried within the content of the ad.  Now you can use that space for a brief testimonial.

Another way to use a coupon with one of the ads found in the Ultimate Chiropractic Ads package, is to use one of the smaller ads and create a postcard with the content and a coupon.  Now you have a great way to target a specific demographic, neighborhoods or zip codes around your practice with a direct mail marketing campaign.

Website exposure is a great way to use the chiropractic ads.  If your chiropractic website is set up with pages dedicated to specific conditions such as fibromyalgia, neuropathy or headaches, load the headline, content, captioned photo onto the page then publish.  Now you have a link to share on all of your social venues, plus with the right keywords and tags this page can be indexed and show up in search results.

In addition the page on your chiropractic website can now be used in other forms of online advertising such as Google adwords and Facebook ads.

These are just some suggestions that have been tried and showed good results. Many times doctors order my Ultimate Chiropractic Ads and think the ads are the only things in the kit, when really there are several marketing tools I have included for you to get the most out of your advertising dollar.  The marketing letters alone have brought in new patients, from referrals to reactivations and new move ins to your area. Which reminds me; I frequently remind my clients to track their ROI, this does not mean only when you run an ad in the paper, you should also track ROI for all marketing including smaller marketing campaigns like  email marketing and patient referral letters.

Additionally, an ad service might be something you want to consider if time and the cost of running your ads is undermining your attempts to get an effective and affordable ad in the paper.  On top of running a practice, marketing is often pushed back, having a team to help you negotiate rates, edit and proof ads can help you focus more on your patients and have more time for your personal life.

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