Do You Suffer From This Marketing Malady?

If you are lacking in motivation to do any type of marketing at all, then maybe you are suffering from Wait and See-itis.

Wait and See-itis is a chronic marketing condition that affects a large number of chiropractic professionals, however this malady is not limited to just chiropractors.

If you have never heard of it, then let me explain.  It’s when a business professional, let’s just say a chiropractor, needs to invest time and money into some type of marketing, to move his or her business foward, bring in new patients, increase revenue,  but can’t seem to get motivated.

There are several reasons for this, limited funds, limited time, and believe it or not pride can be a stumbling block. There is also the chance that you’ve tried to build your practice before and either your chiropractic marketing attemtps didn’t work out well or worse….you got burned.

You already know that to increase your income you have to do something to get more patients in the front door. You tell yourself that you know you have to get something going, whether it be print advertising or updating your chiropractic website, but you just keep putting it off.

You may have even found what seemed like some great chiropractic marketing ads, but for some reason you just don’t think this is a good time to spend that much money, maybe you’ll just sit back and wait.   Wait and see what happens next month.  This might seem like you are just being careful, taking it slow, thinking it through, that’s always a smart business decision, right?

Or maybe you have a touch of Wait and See-itis!

It’s more common than you think, but if left untreated it can lead to other conditions and may cause severe symptoms.

Maybe you’ve had this condition at one time or another,  or you know someone who has it now.

Here is what I know, Wait and See-itis presents as a subtle attitude at first. You might hear yourself saying things like; “I’ll do it tomorrow”,  ”that can wait” or worst of all you tell yourself, “I don’t need to do any marketing”.

Caution and doubt are the most troublsome symptoms and can leave a person feeling extremly skeptical.  Have you ever thought something sounded to good to be true, or you’ve thought maybe that marketing works for some people but not for you?

Other side effects from this condition are fear, bitterness and envy, extreme cases have ended in not having enough income to pay the lease.  Okay, those are very extreme cases, but if you put off doing anything for too long, things tend to get extreme.

This is a very sneaky condtion too, no one sees it coming.  Don’t feel too bad if you think you have this condition, it happends to everyone at one time or another.  Sometimes the condition resolves itself, for others though, it can be a pretty bumpy road.

There is a treatment for Wait and See-itis.  It’s is risky though, it involves momentum and a dose of faith, oh and that one huge thing, you have to actually try some type of marketing.

Of course I recommend you do your research, it’s part of the *therapy.  There are numerous marketing products and services that sound good, but do your homework and for goodness sake don’t just try something because everyone else is doing it.  You have to do what is best for your practice and most of all what works with your budget.

*Disclaimer: Therapy sessons involve, stepping out of your comfort zone, coloring outside the lines, thinking outside the box and trusting those who have been where you are and know what they are doing.  Results will vary.

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Noth’n But Net

What does a term typically associated with basketball have to do with chiropractic marketing? Well seeing that it’s the down to the Final Four, I figure why not use the momentum of the NCAA basketball frenzy and March Madness to my advantage, at least some of the terminology.

I’m not a huge basketball fan, but I’ve been known to shoot a few hoops in the driveway with my kids and while I am tall enough to bring a decent game to the court, I’m no slasher. I might be able to pull a layup, but a slam dunk? Yeah probably not, but it is pretty fun picking up my kids and letting them dunk a few balls.

I will admit, there are some really exciting moments in a basketball game.

I can imagine that if you are a huge basketball fan or have played basketball competitively in the past, you have probably been, at one time or another, the one to pull out the win in the final seconds of your dream basketball game.

What is your “dream game” winning play?

Is it the aggressive “in your face” slam dunk? Like a breakaway? or maybe a play like the alley-oop?

Who wouldn’t want to be that guy who jumps up for the pass and dunks it in for the win?

The breakaways are great, but the guys who drive the ball up the middle and get the lay up for two points in all that traffic are just as exciting to watch.

Oh…what about the buzzer beater? Yep, those are good too, especially those shots from the three point zone with one second on the clock. The ball goes up, all the noise stops, the crowd is on their feet collectively holding their breath and it seems as if all the air is sucked out of the arena. It’s so quiet for a millisecond and then you here the “swish”…and pandemonium is unleashed on the court and in the stands.

Those goals where the ball rides the rim are frustrating, especially when you think it’s going to go in and then the ball falls the other way. Heartbreaking, especially if your team doesn’t come up with the rebound.

I have to say, the points where the ball just slides through the net are probably the best. Those guys make it look so easy. Of course this can only come from years of practice. Can you imagine how many times a person has to throw that ball at the basket in their lifetime to get to the point where, under pressure, they shoot the ball and it glides in so smooth the net doesn’t seem to move?

The term “nothing but net” is defined in the Urban Dictionary as; “when a ‘swish’ is made on the basketball court. A swish is when the ball goes in the basket without touching the rim or backboard. The ball makes a ‘swishing’ sound.”

In chiropractic marketing, “nothing but net” could be defined as making money by marketing without any investment, basically free marketing.

We all have the ability to realize this type of income, but rarely tap into it and yet it doesn’t require years of practice. But it does require a system of redundancy and some simple training of yourself and your staff and it’s as easier to do than shooting a ball through a hoop.

Referral marketing can be successful without large sums of money. In fact the only real investment required is time; the time to ask, the time to offer and the time to share.

Once a patient is established under a care plan, have a member of your staff asked them if they have anyone they would like to refer to your office. Have testimonial forms ready to hand out when a patient begins to see results from their chiropractic care. Remember if you are using the patient testimonials in your marketing, this needs to be disclosed and a signature is required.

Have discount referral coupons sitting on your front desk for your patients to hand out to their friends, family, neighbors or co-workers. Discounted exam coupons are a great way to get referrals from your patients and who doesn’t like to save some money. If you own one of the Ultimate Chiropractic Ads packages you have coupon templates in your kit, ready to print out and use, testimonial forms too.  Coupons should be added to your chiropractic website as well.

Another missed opportunity to maximize referral marketing is when your patients come in for their appointment and they have a friend or family member with them. Don’t disregard this chance to introduce yourself and your staff, share your time with them, offer a tour of the office and allow them to observe your patient getting their chiropractic adjustment. Make yourself available for any questions they might have and by all means make sure they leave with your business card or a pamphlet with your information on it, and of course a coupon.

Not to be corny, but getting new patients from referrals is a slam dunk in my book and noth’n but net on my ROI spreadsheet.

Now back to basketball, who’s your pick as this year’s winner?

2014 Final Four Nothn But Net
Congratulations to these teams for making it to the Final Four!

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