5 Signs of a Habitual Marketer

The word habitual defined is: done or doing constantly or as a habit;  regular; usual;  practicing, or acting in some manner by force of habit;  of the nature of a habit; fixed by or resulting from habit.

We all have habits; some good, some bad.  I have habit of checking to make sure the front door is locked every night.  You could say I am habitual in doing that because I don’t think about it, I just do it as part of my nightly routine.

Are you a habitual marketer?  Let me ask it another way; do you have a habit of marketing?

Before you say yes, let me clarify; one or two chiropractic ads placed in a community newspaper over a span of 3 or 4 months will not qualify you as a habitual marketer.

If we are to take the definition of habitual literally, this would mean doing something more than a few times over a span of days, weeks or months.  While it’s true that habits are formed by doing a specific task over and over again until you can do that task in your sleep, nothing you do on a regular basis is considered a habit, they are just things we all do.

For instance, you go to work, drive, eat, sleep and hopefully bathe on a regular basis. Okay, so you place your chiropractic ads in the paper a couple of times a month for a few months, so what? This isn’t a habit, it’s just something you do, and not even because you have or want to.  I mean you have to eat, sleep, work and bathe or you deal with hunger, exhaustion, being broke and stinky.

No, to become a habitual marketer you have to have a plan and then you must consistently and purposely work that plan until it becomes a habit.  And I don’t mean in a compulsive way, although your family and friends might consider your marketing habits a bit crazy, but when your numbers begin to climb…well then you can have the last laugh.

To those of you I have offended, you know who I’m talking about; those of you who I described as placing a few chiropractic ads every so often over a span of time, I apologize.  But on a positive note, you are one step closer.  Meaning, if you’ve started marketing, regardless of the consistency, you are on the right track.  It’s just now you have to make it a habit.

You might be wondering what this looks like, so I’ve put together a list of 5 signs of a habitual marketer.  After reading through the list, do a self assessment and see where you sit. It’s possible you might be closer to habitual than you know but then again there is always room for improvement.

Habitual marketers have;

#1 -marketing calenders that are filled out for the year and they are typically planning and setting dates for marketing campaigns and events up to 12 months ahead of present day.

#2 – multiple campaigns going simultaneously.  This would include all print advertising, newspaper, newsletters, direct mail marketing, email marketing, AdWords, Facebook Ads, radio ads, television ads, blogging, etc.

#3 – a responsive and interactive chiropractic website/blog with an email capture.  One that all marketing campaigns are linked and funneled to. And it needs to be mobile friendly or you’re loosing out on a huge number of people who do everything via their phone.

#4 – a very extensive online presence in social networking.  Including but not limited to; a Facebook business page, Google+ and Google local listings, Twitter, Instagram and yes…even Pinterest and Tumbler.

#5 – outsource systems in place to delegate most of these tasks, because no one person can do it all.

If you are currently spinning all these marketing plates and running a chiropractic practice, then there is most likely an area of your life that is suffering.  Whether it be personal, as in your home life, family, faith, health, or your business, as in your practice, your staff and your patients.

So how did you fare?  On a scale of 1 – 10; 1 being “no marketing” to 10 being “habitual”, where do you sit?

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Bring in More Patients with Facebook Chiropractic Marketing

Are you using Facebook in your chiropractic marketing?  If not it’s time to consider how this fast growing method of marketing can bring in more quality new patients to your office.


If you’re not generating enough patients through traditional advertising and marketing methods, Facebook chiropractic marketing will help you get more new patients into your practice and give you a competitive advantage over your competition.


Not only are more people online these day, but more and more people are using social media to promote their business, this means more and more people are turning to social media sites like Facebook to find products and services.


Maybe you have noticed that the cost per lead is rising with your current marketing method,  are you aware that chiropractic marketing on Facebook can have a much lower cost per lead with a well designed marketing campaign?


Not totally convinced yet…here are some numbers that might help;
Facebook has over 1 billion monthly active users and 600 million active mobile users.  Who would have thought Facebook would ever turn out to be the marketing machine it has become?  Your current and future patients are already on Facebook, they have been for years.  Makes you wonder how many opportunities have you missed as you are reading this post.


Of course having a Facebook page for your practice is the first step , but that presence alone it’s not enough to bring in the new patients into your office.  Even if you are frequently posting, that won’t get the phones ringing because Facebook’s page organic reach is only about 6% for a smaller business like a chiropractic practice.  In order to gain more exposure to your business facebook page and be seen by your targeted area prospects  you will need to use PPC Facebook ads.


Using pay per click (PPC) ads on Facebook yields instant results and it allows you to set specific perimeters so you can target those likely to be your new patients.  Also, you will be provided with detailed tracking and reports to help with your ROI stats.


Sounds a lot like GoogleAds doesn’t it?   Not quite, there are some distinct differences. Facebook ads are less expensive, lower cost per lead, results are faster because targeting is more precise, which also helps with higher click through ratio and ROI. Also, more people are on mobile devices more hours each day.


But there is a science to this and because you’re life’s work is chiropractic, your time should be spent on building that work, not trying to figure out how to navigate the Facebook marketing game. Fortunately for you there are guys like Hill Robertson who make it their life’s work to know all about online ad campaigns.  And because his clients are chiropractors, he has carved out a nice little niche.  You might say good for him, but this is really great for you.


Here’s what a couple of his current clients are saying about their Facebook chiropractic marketing experiences;


“I practice in California and I started using Hill Robertson this month and we ran our first Facebook campaign last Thursday and within 24 hours I had 40 people signed up for my Neuropathy workshop. I was blown away at the results! I have never had that kind of response to any other kind of marketing and I only spent $215 dollars on Facebook! I am so happy with results that I plan on marketing other condition as well. I am so grateful and happy for Hill Robertson’s Facebook program and I would recommend it to everyone.” - Dr. Brian Martin, California


“I’ve tried many different people who claimed they were competent in marketing… and I’ve lost a lot of money… Finally, I came across Hill Robertson and I can’t tell you how satisfied I am with him. We’ve got people coming in that I know it’s very easy for me to turn them into patients… I am averaging anywhere between a 4-to-1 and 8-to-1 return on my investment for each seminar… The Return On My Investment Has Been Phenomenal! If you’re struggling at all to get new patients in… and if you’re looking for someone who can deliver what they say, Hill is the guy for you!” - Dr. Roy Picard, Michigan


To find out how chiropractors are bringing in more new patients from Facebook, I recommend you check out: http://chiropracticmarketingweb.com/fb1
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